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Four Ways to Walk the Path of the Divine Feminine

This month we've been exploring the path of the Divine Feminine. We've delved in to Wild Mercy by Mirabai Starr and drawn from Suzanne Kingsbury and Toko-pa Turner. One of the main themes that's emerged is how the Divine Feminine asks us to let go of the status quo, turn within, and follow your Inner Guidance. This inner approach of seeking answers is also balanced by a recognition of our interconnectedness with others. The path of the Divine Feminine operates on a bedrock of cooperation, collaboration, and mutuality (even when it's messy!) This requires us to see competitors as allies and to trust that there is enough creativity to go around.

While the path of the Divine Feminine is one I now choose intentionally, it isn't always easy. I have plenty of fears that suck me right back under the oppression of scarcity, control, and individualism. Often times it appears safer to just go the route of tradition and what's expected or predictable. But, I've taken that road before and while it has provided some levels of success, it was like trying to swim in one foot of water. It's possible, but not very fun or smart!

Here's how I felt when I was following the status quo and living my life by the values and expectations of others:

1. There was an underlying buzz of anxiety all the time - even when things were going well.

2. I was outwardly successful, but inwardly unfulfilled.

3. I was ticking the boxes of social and familial expectation, but I was disconnected from my body, emotions, dreams, and purpose.

4. Eventually I had a health crisis that put me on disability for six months.

Honestly, the health crisis was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to slow down and start reconnecting with my body, heart, mind, and soul. In essence, this was the beginning of walking the path of the Divine Feminine (even though I didn't realize it at the time!)

If you can relate to any of the symptoms I listed above and/or you're wanting to experiment for yourself, here are some things I did in the beginning to help me get to know myself and to reorient my focus from outside of me to inside of me:

1. Writing - I began journaling in earnest. I took time every day to write down my thoughts, feelings, questions, and ideas. Even if it was only 5 minutes, I would write every day. This discipline to expressing myself and exploring my inner world was a powerful message of love and care that I desperately needed at the time. It was how I prioritized my self-care - something I had never done before.

2. Painting & drawing - It started with doodles in my journal. Sometimes I would draw how I was feeling or what I was going through. It expanded to painting every room in my house! I chose my favorite colors and I put them up all over my house. It was meditative and creative. I spent hours just being with myself and the paint.

3. Learning - I read my first self-development book during this time. It was Change Your Life in 30 Days by Rhonda Britten. I even did the exercises in the book! Eventually, this learning set me on a brand new career path.

4. Support - I knew I couldn't find my way back to health, wellness, and wholeness without help outside of my friends and family. They were wonderfully supportive, but I needed to learn how to understand myself apart from them. So I started going to therapy and a women's empowerment group.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • How might you begin to explore your inner landscape and express yourself?

  • What are you drawn to learn, read, or create?

  • Is there a community or group you could join that will support your self-discovery?

Know that I love you and want you to flourish.

All Love,


Cassandra Rae, spiritual director

Centre for Spiritual Living

We gather in South Surrey, BC every Sunday at 10:30 am (doors open at 10). Join us in person for live music, meditation, an inspirational talk, and heartfelt connection. Listen to recordings of talks on our podcast anytime.

Sunnyside Community Hall at 1845 154 St, Surrey, BC V4A 5J8


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