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When you sign up to become a member you are making a commitment to your personal spiritual growth and development. That's a powerful intention for yourself. You're also making a commitment to the community - a place to connect, learn, grow, and be supported. When you join, you're sending a message to yourself that you belong here. Each member is a valued and valuable part of our community. Together we're building a healing space to practice spiritual principles because to do so reveals the essence of your being. We believe in doing this in community because connection is healing, transformative, supportive, and inspiring. Please join us today!  



Being a member of the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock provides you with a connection to a community of people who understand that exploring one’s spiritual nature is a critical part of an integrated life.

Engaging at the level of membership gives you a sense of belonging and we become a source of both support and empowerment.

We recommend an annual membership fee of $20 per individual, $40 per couple, or $50 per family, although you are invited to participate at whatever financial level brings you the most joy and fulfillment. Fees cover the calendar year.

Members vote at our Annual General Meeting and are able to serve on our Board of Directors. 

Ready to become our member? Sign up the form below!

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