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Our practitioners primary role is to pray for all who seek spiritual guidance and support.

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Prayer Care
(affirmative prayer)

Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer or simply “Treatment”, is a five-step prayer in which we turn within and tune in to the Divine - the Infinite Loving Presence that is within us. We recognize that there is one Infinite, Universal Presence that permeates everything. With this attitude in mind we reach an acceptance of new possibilities in life. It is an invitation to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and speak of the Divine qualities that are already ours to claim. It is a powerful method for creating the life you want and for healing any aspect of your life.

The secret of prayer and its power in the outward life depends upon an unconditioned faith in, and reliance upon this inner Presence ”. Ernest Holmes

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Soothing Bell

A Spiritual Practitioner is a licensed and trained professional in the art and science of spiritual mind treatment (also called affirmative prayer). They support others in creating healthy, vibrant and fulfilling lives.

Practitioners are a significant presence who anchor the entire community by holding a high level of consciousness and see the divine magnificence in every person. They are committed to their own spiritual practice and they are in service to others. If you are facing a challenge in your life; or if you
just want to be reminded of the greatness within, consult a spiritual practitioner.


A trained and compassionate Spiritual Practitioner provides a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore your spiritual practices and current beliefs that you would like to change. You are provided with the opportunity to co-create a “new” thought that allows you to change your life and recognizing the Truth within!

Practitioners conduct their own professional practices seeing individuals on a fee basis in a one on one session. Often, people make an appointment with a practitioner for spiritual support during a particularly challenging time.

Others see a practitioner on a regular basis, as part of their ongoing spiritual well-being regimen. Sometimes, people see a practitioner on occasion for a “spiritual checkup,” or to express gratitude for their current blessings and to expand their sense of well-being.

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Practitioners are available for


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