The consciousness that heals … is a recognition of the Principle of Spiritual Causation. It is the understanding that ALL of our problems have at their root an idea, belief, or conviction about ourselves, our world and others that is cause to our experience.

What the Practitioner does, through one or more sessions, is to mentally uncover and reveal the Truth of Being, which is that God is in and through every person and that this indwelling Presence is and always has been Perfect. This is done through affirmative prayer also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Meet Our Practitioners

Negative feelings or situations can be useful in your life by indicating a natural, emotional process or an opportunity to look at what is in need of attention.

But sometimes:

  1. A problem seems to stretch out indefinitely despite our attempts to resolve it. 

  2. We are too close to a problem to see it objectively and find a solution. 

  3. We just cannot find clarity on a certain situation.

  4. We deserve greater states of joy, love, clarity, abundance or creativity. 

Consider the value of working with a Practitioner, who…

  1. Is a skilled listener, dedicated to affirming the highest truth of an individual. 

  2. Is bound by a Code of Ethics and is required to keep confidentiality. 

  3. Can bring clarity to your mind around your problematic thoughts and beliefs. 

  4. Is skilled at identifying root causes of mental, physical, or emotional problems. 

  5. Uses the subjective field in Mind to align consciousness with the natural laws of the Universe to work positively for you.

  6. Helps you initiate mental causes in your own mind that will bring into manifestation the health, wealth, and happiness that are yours by natural, divine birthright. 

Georgia Nieken

Member at Large, Practitioner

Georgia has always been a spiritual seeker and has continuously sought learning opportunities to deepen her personal and spiritual growth. Georgia’s lifelong passion for learning and teaching led her to getting her Bachelor of Education and Masters in Psychotherapy and Leadership degrees. She pursued a 40-year career as an Educational leader and teacher.

Although she is semi-retired, she continues to teach both locally and internationally. Georgia also taught at Simon Fraser University as part of the Education Graduate Program specializing on “How the Brain Learns Best.” She is still married to her first husband since 1975. They have twin daughters and a son, as well as two beautiful granddaughters. Georgia completed her two-year Spiritual Study four years ago through the North American Centre for Spiritual Living and is a registered Spiritual Practitioner/Coach. She has been an active member with CSL White Rock since 2005 and has enjoyed using her skills as a practitioner and board member.

Tamara Rossander RScP


Tamara is a long-time, self-help junkie. After completing all the courses with Excellence Seminars International, she realized she was looking for something more. She found the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock in 2010 and immediately felt at home. 

The idea that the Creative Spark was behind all things and was in everyone intrigued her. She immediately started taking classes and when Rev Terry asked if anyone would be interested in becoming a practitioner her hand went up instinctively. Tamara has been a Practitioner since 2016 and continues to take classes and grow to better help her clients. She has two grown children and has been married to her husband for 28 years. It is Tamara's joy to share transformational tools of healing—practical and effective ways to practice the Presence while demonstrating the abundance of God inherent in each of us.

Jana Stocker RScP


Having spent 30 years employed in non-profit agencies, in educational settings, and in community justice, Jana is constantly reminded what an honour it is to walk with others during the difficult moments of their lives. Through this often challenging, but always rewarding work, she has developed a love for circles and community healing. 

Two decades ago, Jana became involved with Science of Mind, while seeking a spiritual philosophy that resonated deeply with her sense of compassion and unity. Five years ago, she entered practitioner training, deepening her relationship with Divinity; Jana's talent for sharing her gained insights is a gift and a blessing. Jana adores animals and nature, as both are stark reminders of Spirit expressing Itself so effortlessly. In her free time, Jana can be found reading, walking, watching a movie, or with one of her wonderful friends.

Diane Vachon RScP


Although Diane retired from her teaching career with the Burnaby District French Immersion Program, as a classroom teacher and, later, as a Learning Support Teacher, working with special needs students, her passion for learning and teaching continues. She has studied and practiced Reiki, Rebirthing, Transformational Therapy, A Course in Miracles, and more. 

After being introduced to the teachings of Science of Mind, she studied the philosophy with different Ministers. Having been on a spiritual quest her entire life, she was thrilled to discover in the SOM philosophy such soul-enriching truths as: we are all spirit having a human experience. In the fall of 2016, Diane was delighted to graduate as a Religious Science Practitioner. Diane’s intuitive gifts serve to reveal the highest truth in any situations.

Jill Inglis RScP


Jill retired early from the Public Service to enjoy more time with family and embracing life.  Her experience with Religious Science began at an early age influenced by her Aunts who studied Science of Mind and later by her older sister who was a big Ernest Holmes’ fan. In spite of this, it wasn’t until 2009 that Jill began attending CSL White Rock. It wasn’t long before she began taking courses and was hooked. 

Her desire to deepen her understanding led her to Practitioner Training that she shared with her amazing Prac Sisters. Jill loves being part of this beautiful spiritual community and serving its wonderful members. She is an active volunteer in grief support services with Peace Arch Hospice Society. It is her desire to further serve CSL members by offering grief support services with a spiritual component.


No matter what you’re facing, we’d love to pray with you!

If you ever get to a place in your life where you feel like something is missing, it’s probably a connection problem: you are disconnected from God and too connected to the world. Prayer and fasting can have a powerful impact on setting your life back on track.

The more time you spend with something or someone, the more confidence you build in it. The same is true for God. The more time you spend with God, the more your faith in Him will grow.

What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

SMT is a 5 Step form of affirmative prayer used to change consciousness by declaring a new direction of thought – one which aligns with the nature that runs through all Creation. It is a powerful tool to positively change one’s belief, experiences, and conditions. 

What is a Non-local Treatment?

The client and the Practitioner do not need to be in the same physical location, nor does the client need to be aware of the work being done, for it to be effective. 

Can I do Treatment for myself?

Of course! The art and science behind effective prayer or Treatment takes practice. So, we have included a template to download for you to do just that. We also suggest taking a class or working with a Practitioner as you learn to use Spiritual Mind Treatment. Here is a sample Treatment for reference.  

Practitioner Brochure


I love the Practitioners section!


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