Meet our Leadership Team

Tamara Rossander RScP


As Spiritual Director, Tamara's mission is to inspire and guide others to create a joyful, loving life through sharing creative, engaging Spiritual Practices. Her mantra is “Be the Love you want to see in the world”.

After many years of studying self-development, she knew that there must still be something more. When she first walked into the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock in 2011, it felt like ‘home’. She jumped into classes, joined the board of trustees, and started training to become a practitioner. After several years she felt the call to Ministry. She took her first ministerial license with the Metaphysical University in Sedona but still wanted to learn more about the Science of Mind. She then signed up to take ministerial studies with the Center for Spiritual Living in Kelowna and the Holmes Institute. She is currently in the process of licensing with the Centers of Spiritual Living. The learning has been a profound experience for Tamara, and she is now living her calling to serve humanity through the teaching of Science of Mind. 

As a Spiritual Practitioner, she is available to support you on your Awakened Path by creating space for Divine Love. She believes we are all here to “walk together to awaken our hearts, expand our lives, and transform the world."

On Tamara's days off, you will find her riding her motorcycle and spending time with her adult children and husband. You will find her exploring nature with her love of hiking, exercise, and adventure.  

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We offer prayer support and one-on-one sessions


Member at Large, Practitioner

Georgia joined CSL White Rock in 2005 -- the first time she listened to a Sunday talk she felt as though she had arrived home. After taking several classes at the centre she felt guided to study practitioner training and completed the three-year program in 2016.

As a former teacher and now semi-retired, Georgia enjoys conducting workshops and classes through the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock. Georgia is on her own continuous journey of self-discovery and participates in daily spiritual practices of mediation and spiritual mind treatment.

She believes that we are all unique expressions of the Divine, therefore, encourages and supports others to see their own magnificence of self-expression through spiritual guidance and support.  She is delighted to be sharing her knowledge with others so they too can live a life of joy and fulfillment as it is meant to be. She encourages others to explore their True Divine Self, and bring forth their Creative Process, Self-Expression, and Discovery. She believes in the power of spiritual affirmative prayer (spiritual mind treatment) and invites all seeking healing to explore this methodology with her by booking a personal session. 




Although Diane retired from her teaching career with the Burnaby District French Immersion Program, as a classroom teacher and, later, as a Learning Support Teacher working with special needs students, her passion for learning and teaching continues. She has studied and practiced Reiki, Rebirthing, Transformational Therapy, A Course in Miracles, and more. 

After being introduced to the teachings of Science of Mind, she studied philosophy with different Ministers. Having been on a spiritual quest her entire life, she was thrilled to discover in the SOM philosophy such soul-enriching truths as: “We are all spirits having a human experience”. In the fall of 2016, Diane was delighted to graduate as a Religious Science Practitioner. Diane’s intuitive gifts serve to reveal the highest truth in any situation.




It's all about loving connection. And listening. Jill's life-long passion, curiosity and deep compassion for others led her to become a Spiritual Practitioner in 2016. Along with her three wonderful Prac Sisters, the Prayer Care Team, Jill joyfully supports others, joining and walking with them through difficulty to a place of comfort. Jill understands and knows loss. Through her own walk through grief, Jill learned compassionate self-care, a tool-kit, to share with those struggling with pain so they too can again discover, recognize and embrace their Magnificence. 
Jill invites you, fellow Travellers to Wholeness, to reach out for loving Practitioner support if your path becomes unclear or too rough to move to self-acceptance and love. It's Jill's joy to serve the CSL community through Spiritual Mind Treatments (affirmative prayer), Practitioner Sessions (including grief), Mentoring and Meditation. Jill also officiates funerals, Celebrations of Life, and other blessed, sacred events. 

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Janet has resided in the beautiful community of South Surrey for 20 years. She loves living close to the natural health clinic where she is employed part-time, and she feels fortunate to work in a job that is both satisfying and fascinating. She raised two wonderful daughters and now has one terrific grandson. Life since then has been a great adventure when she blended her new partner’s ready-made family of three delightful children, (a son and two daughters,) and a further blessing of two adorable grandchildren with her own.


Ten years ago, Janet was introduced to the teachings of Science of Mind through her daughter Amanda; she is now overjoyed that her older daughter Nicola has also joined the community and is a board member. Janet is so grateful to have this teaching in her life, it has added immense love and joy to her life. Janet is thrilled to serve on the Board of Trustees for CSL White Rock, which promotes a strong, healthy, spiritual community in her hometown.

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Nancy spent the last several decades (can it really be four?) working for both for-profit and non-profit organizations in management positions in public relations, corporate communications, and event management. In addition, she successfully navigated self-employment and co-authoring a book on addiction and recovery. By far her proudest achievement is raising her daughter, now a young adult.

After spending several decades on a spiritual quest, she found CSL White Rock in 2010 and felt right at home. She is happy to be able to apply her skills to help grow and evolve CSL White Rock as a board member and treasurer.




Nicola has always been interested in spirituality. Her empathic nature meant that she has always felt connected to others. She didn’t truly understand her gift until she joined the Centre for Spiritual Living (CSL) White Rock in 2021. She started taking courses and volunteering and then joined the Board of Trustees. The more she learns, the more she understands the Oneness that is Spirit. 

Nicola has always felt called to help others. She struggled to live and work with chronic migraine headaches for 25 years. In 2020, she decided it was time to stop fighting, start living and follow the path she felt called to live. She now spends her time focused on family and friends, creating art, as well as volunteering. In addition to her work with CSL White Rock, Nicola is a volunteer Coach with Pain BC. She assists individuals who live with chronic pain to improve their well-being. Nicola’s next venture is to study to be a Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. She feels called to use her new-found coaching skills with her spiritual teaching to help those who are suffering. 



Member at Large

With almost 40 years in the broadcast industry, Angela is an expert communicator.  She is the mother to a 20-year-old daughter which will always remain her proudest achievement.  Angela loves being part of the CSL community and is honoured to be part of the board.  A lifelong volunteer, Angela tries to offer her time and talents where and when they are needed.  Angela loves to perform and enjoyed many years as the lead singer of a blues band.  She loves hiking, theatre, music, and pickle ball.



Member at Large

Norm has been a member of CSL White rock since 2005 and has just recently joined the board. He has been a regular attendee at live and on zoom meetings and enjoys meeting and talking to all members.  He believes strongly in meditation and treatment with “Susie Sitka Spruce” (you’ll have to ask about that), has attended classes like Emerson's essays where we learned “where is the bard who taught Shakespeare?” and other important philosophies like “Nothing outside of me needs to change for me to be happy”. 

Norm is married to Georgia who is a CSLWR practitioner. He has been a teacher since 1972 and continues to offer zoom tutoring in mathematics, where he emphasizes understanding and nurtures confidence. He looks forward to being involved in live meetings and nurturing the growth of the CSL community.