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Reverend Cassandra Rae is an unexpected minister! She was raised evangelical Baptist and spent her twenties as an angry atheist. She discovered the Centers for Spiritual Living after experiencing a medical crisis that moved her to restore more than just her body. She opened up her heart and began healing old wounds, which led her straight to the unconditional love of Spirit within. Now she is a passionate speaker, teacher, and writer of an empowered spirituality that embraces our humanity, connects with an Inner Source of wisdom and guidance, and realizes our power to co-create a world that works for everyone.

Cultural Bio:
Cassandra was born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in a predominately Mexican neighborhood in Salinas, California. She is the youngest of three daughters born to an Inupiaq father and white mother. Her bi-racial ethnic identity has shaped her sense of belonging, agency, and place within her family, community, and the world. She used to see it as a disadvantage as she never felt like she truly fit anywhere – even at home. But, as she’s deepened her understanding of spiritual principle and has walked the path of ministry, she’s learned that all of her identities are serving a Divine Purpose and that her bi-racial super power enables her to walk in different worlds with a new and different perspective. Her preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.

Sherry Dolejsi


Motherhood and chasing B.A., B.Ed., and M.Ed. degrees at UBC resulted in a full calendar for Sherry, while she raised two wonderful young men. Even better, each of her sons married amazing women and have become loving, caring, involved fathers to Sherry’s three incredible grandchildren. After 20 years in a whirlwind career as a grade 7 teacher and being inspired by two decades of phenomenal students, Sherry retired in 2017. 

​Uncharacteristically, she moved to a 55+ condo in Abbotsford, vows never to let a day pass without time spent in the hot tub, and her new motto is ‘self-care, self-care, self-care.’ Discovering the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock, through a chance visit in 2015, is undoubtedly responsible for her recent life-improving changes. Following the 2018 AGM, Sherry was honoured and extremely surprised to find herself installed as the President of the Board of Trustees for CSL White Rock. Yes, Sherry considers herself blessed!

Janet Pope


Janet has resided in the beautiful community of South Surrey for 17 years. She loves living close to the natural health clinic where she is employed, and she feels fortunate to work in a job that is both satisfying and fascinating. She raised two wonderful daughters, and now has one terrific grandson. Life since then has been a great adventure when she blended her new partner’s ready-made family of three delightful children, (a son and two daughters,) and a further blessing of four adorable grandchildren with her own.

Ten years ago, Janet was introduced to the teachings of Science of Mind through her daughter; she is so grateful to have this teaching in her life. Janet is thrilled to serve on the Board of Trustees for CSL White Rock, which promotes a strong, healthy community in her hometown.

Nancy Lee


Nancy has spent the last several decades (can it really be four?) working for both for-profit and non-profit organizations in management positions in public relations, corporate communications, and event management. In addition, she has successfully navigated self-employment and co-authoring a book on addiction and recovery. By far her proudest achievement is raising her clever and charming daughter, now a young adult about to graduate from university.

After spending several decades (can it really be three?) on a spiritual quest, she found CSL White Rock in 2010 and felt right at home. She is happy to be able to apply her skills to helping grow and evolve CSL White Rock as a board member and editor of the newsletter.

Tim St. Denis

Member at Large

Tim St Denis has been attending CSL White rock since 2015. He served on the Board of Directors for two years starting in 2016 and as President in 2017. He has taken many courses during his membership with CSL and has experienced immense spiritual growth during this time.


Recently, after a career spanning over 40 years, Tim retired from his profession as a Chiropractic Doctor. During that time, he served on several board positions at the provincial and national levels. Tim has a son, who lives in Toronto, and a daughter, who lives in Gatineau, Quebec, which allows him to enjoy his new role as a spiritual mentor to them and, also, as a proud grandparent. Tim is enthusiastic about rejoining the Board of Trustees of CSL White Rock and the spiritual growth that comes with that.

Minh Ta

Member at Large

Minh’s quest to ‘know thyself’ and to discover the truth of reality and of spirituality has led her to find the Center for Spiritual Living. She was hooked when she first heard Rev. Terry Shea speak about spiritual love; something deep within her spirit moved. Her search for a community of like-minds for many years ended that very day in 2015. You could say her greatest assets are her curiosity and her yearning to know God.

Minh embraces community and connection. She enjoys volunteering for Big Sisters and being one of the directors for White Rock Farmers’ Market. Professionally, she is a Realtor and an Associate Broker at HomeLife Benchmark in White Rock. Minh thrives in nature - hiking and biking through the trails and photographing its beauty. She practices yoga and meditation. Minh feels most rejuvenated in the company of friends in a coffee shop or reading a book.

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