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How Do We Answer the Soul's Call to Freedom?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Rev. Champion Fleming

This week's talk was powerful! We welcomed Rev. Champion Fleming as they closed out June's theme, The Soul's Call, with their talk titled "The Humility of Liberation."

Rev. Champion explained that "The Humility of Liberation" occurs when we are humble enough to accept the greatness within, face the truth of who we are, and then engage the power that comes from our creation to collectively create a World that Works for All.

They challenged us to look within, examine the role of our ego, our insecurities, and acknowledge the truth of our creation. Understanding that we are created by the Universe (Divine, Spirit, or God) we can examine who we are individually and collectively as representations of the Universe. We can begin to understand the power and possibility within. We can face the truth of who we are, the possibilities and power, as well as the pattern of wholeness and expansion that exist.

Rev. Champion challenged us to answer our Soul's Call to Freedom. They asked: How do we get ourselves ready to engage the power within for the collective good?

Once we know our Self, we can be humble enough to accept the truth of our greatness. We can allow our divinity to be the place from where we live. Once we are able to do this for ourselves, we can share these truths with a call for mutual liberation.

Rev. Champion demonstrated that our divinity is like the seed of a Banyan Tree (Fig Tree). When opened up at its smallest level, there is nothing. The interesting concept is that the tree grows from that nothingness. We are the same. Our divinity is not seen or felt through our senses. Its power exists in the invisible space.

Rev. Champion concluded their talk by challenging us to slow down, feel the truth, the source of all life and rest in the moment. They encouraged us to breathe in the power of our true Self.

Watch the entire replay of Rev. Champion's talk here or listen to it on our Podcast. There is more to learn and put into action including Rev. Champion's seeds of truth.

About Rev Champion Fleming

Reverend Champion Fleming serves as the Minister of Organizational Development for the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock. They’re also a consultant and leadership coach working with national non-profits and labour unions who are committed to anti-racist strategies that lead to cultural and political change. Rev. Champion was worked for decades on LGBTQIA issues, AIDS awareness, poverty, and racism. Prior to coming to CSL White Rock, they’ve been in service at the Center for Spiritual Living in Davis, California and the East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, California.

About the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

Our vision is a loving, vibrant world that works for all. We create sacred opportunities for personal empowerment and collective transformation through wholehearted experiences of Truth and Spirit. We believe that spiritual community is key in living a life of purpose and meaning. We gather every Sunday for spiritual practice, live music, and inspirational messages at 10:30 AM Pacific - check our events calendar for details. Hope to see you soon!


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