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When Life Gets Too Crazy

By Rev. Karen Cleveland

Right now, the world is crazy and fear is prevalent. I believe the base of much of this fear is a sense of separation. We forget that we are all part of the same body of consciousness - the One.

As we’ve seen, this sense of separation might manifest in hundreds of ways: fear of others, fear of poverty, fear of death, fear of suffering, fear of the unknown.

Ernest Holmes says, “When I embody myself in my thoughts selfishly, I am separating myself from that which I think would be my good… I am unconsciously separating myself from my good.”

This is the foundation of most of our troubles. Separating ourselves from our good creates a longing or desire, thinking we need more, or different.

In the Buddhist teachings, there is Dukkha. Dukkha is not easily explained in one or two words, but it is the feeling of suffering, or pain, or discontent. It’s caused by Tanha – or a craving, thirst, or hunger for something more. This Tanha has arisen in us as we’ve forgotten that we are One with all life; all nature; that we are like a river: we flow on, never stagnant, never unchanging, always moving. It is when we try to become static and make ourselves stay put in one moment of time that we start to disconnect from the natural flow of life.

This is one reason I teach animal communication to people. Once you are in communication with a wild animal, you get in their head a little and their outlook on life, and you are able to experience true connection and oneness. (Not so much with our pets, they seem to get the same hang-ups we do) Wild animals truly live in the moment and have no concept of separation. This is the feeling we all should experience – the continuity of One Life across all forms. It is much easier this way to be confident in the moment knowing God as Source and all is provided for, there is no lack, no need for greed or fear.

And how do we do this? We can understand it and know we need to feel Oneness, but it’s not easy to just start feeling a certain way, even if we know it’s the Truth.

We start with being quiet. We need to get quiet in order for Spirit to be able to wedge a new thought into our minds. We can contemplate, journal, meditate or find other ways that help us discover our own Truth. Everyone is unique and listening to what makes our heart and soul sing will help us remember our connection with God always.

And then affirm. I turn within and find God at the center of my own being; life flows up from within me.

As we remember and feel our Connection and Unity with the One, the fears begin to subside, and what we need begins to be revealed to us.

About the Author

Rev. Karen Cleveland is a Licensed Minister with Centers for Spiritual Living and Spiritual Director of One Love Animal Connection ministry. Karen is also a professional animal communicator and realized that her journey and evolution as a successful animal communicator was directly reflected in the deepening of her connection with Spirit, leading her to a more successful, meaningful life. With this revelation, Karen is committed to helping others achieve the same success.

About the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock We are a spiritual learning centre based in South Surrey, British Columbia. We believe everyone deserves the very best that Life has to offer – just because you were born. Love, Peace, Health, Wisdom, Prosperity, and Joy are your birthright. Are you ready to make your claim?



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