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We are the Phoenix Rising!

There isn’t a day go by when I don’t say to myself, “No, that is not the truth of me,” followed up by a life affirming idea about who I am at the core.

As the years have passed my life has been filled with so many blessings and joys (too numerous to count) and yet the inner conversation still pokes its head up enough to temporarily blind my perception of what is possible in my life by means of me. Even though I practice the principles of our magnificence, teaching the Science of Mind, I can get a bit frustrated that my life doesn’t seem to reach the pinnacle of the long-stoked dream I began as a child.

What are dreams made of? Imaginings based upon something different than our experience? Impossible. Dreams must grow from something known within us, which is the realm of infinite and unformed thought. Our dreams are woven within the mysterious ether that makes up the All of existence, landing in our awareness through the calling of our soul. The question then becomes, “If I am to live full out, through my authentic soul expression, what must I know and affirm, in the moments of my life?”

We are our dream becoming reality, each time we access and activate our Truth in the world. As everything is consciousness, then all life expression and therefore experience, begins in our conscious Mind. Our dreams get derailed, when our subconscious belief patterns trump our conscious conviction and mental discipline to act ‘as if,’ in thought, word and action. We must live our dream, awake.

We are the Phoenix rising, no question, with an inherently deep desire, matched by a phenomenal capacity to be transformers, alchemists of life-energy. We are made of an Infinite Creative Intelligence, whose nature it is to expand and evolve, so naturally, we just can’t help ourselves! Nor can we change this ongoing spontaneous creative impulse on its evolutionary sojourn, in, as and through us. We can, however, be unaware, not conscious of the glory of this creative power within us, and spiral away from the pull and the light of our dream. But, as Maya Angelou states in her poem, “I Will Rise” – each of us will, as we allow what has been in our experience of life to remain just a part of our story and not our identity, life will not overtake our dreams.

Every day, my powers of observation increase, correspondingly to my conscious affirmation and expression of the Truth of who I am, and I witness the evidence that I am my dream becoming reality. I direct the unfoldment of my dream. By embracing and placing my story in its rightful place of honor, it is easy to be guided by the call of a loving and wise spiritual intelligence sourced within. I remember that while my story has served to develop and awaken me, it does not get the director’s chair with its name on the back!

And when I forget, when I find it hard to replace the story with my Truth and the power of potential therein, I stop, take one mindful breath, and then another, and then I rise.


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