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The Power of Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer is a valuable component of our spiritual practice. This five-part prayer effectively serves to shift us away from limited thinking and negative thoughts, or ‘awfulizing’ as Rev. Cassandra Rae calls it, toward positive ideas and possibilities. This beneficial transformation in our thinking helps us understand why Affirmative Prayer is also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment.

The beautiful Affirmative Prayer below is Rev. Cassandra’s gift to us from last week’s Sunday Gathering (see video below). One of her many ‘superpowers’ is the poetic elegance she imbues into her spiritual mind treatments. Thank you, Rev. Cassandra, for this creative expression of Heart and Mind.

Here is an Affirmative Prayer also called Spiritual Mind Treatment that you can use for yourself to get grounded in your higher power and engaging the creative process:

Recognition: How good it is to remember that no matter how I feel or what’s going on in my life and the world, there is a Divine power greater than all human experience. A power of Wholeness, Health, Love, Creativity, Peace, and Joy. A power that supports all life everywhere. A Universal power that is all life everywhere.

Unification: Today I remember this power is available to me, for me. In fact, it is the very essence of my life. By accepting the Truth of my oneness with the Source of all Life, I am opening a channel of power to flow to me, through me, as me. My receptivity strengthens with my awareness and acceptance of the Divine in me, as me.

Realization: Realizing that what I think, say, and believe is how I engage the creative power of mind, today I affirm that the Compassion of the Divine is alive and active in my life, expressing through my every thought, word, and action. It soothes my soul, opens my mind, and nourishes everyone I come into contact with. It draws to me ideas, people, and experiences that support the highest expression of Life in my body, my relationships, and my finances. Remembering the interconnectedness of all Life everywhere, I know that any and all benefit I receive is supporting the highest and best of and for all. May I be a beneficial presence in the world and an active expression of Divine Truth and Love in all I do and say.

Thankfulness: Believing with my whole being that this prayer activates Divine Law on my behalf, I give thanks for the Wisdom, Love, and Guidance that moves me into right and perfect action. I’m grateful for the abundance of ideas and resources that flow to me, leading me into greater and greater expressions of Health and Prosperity. The gifts of Spirit are infinite and immeasurable.

Release: Letting go of all limitations, I allow the perfect unfoldment of Spiritual Truth knowing that this prayer is already fulfilled in the Infinite Intelligence of the Divine Law of Mind. I step forward in perfect faith with cheerful expectancy and a lightness of heart giving myself to its fulfillment. And so it is.

Here is the video of the talk where Rev. Cassandra speaks about using the power of affirmative prayer to help you navigate difficult times:

About Rev. Cassandra Rae

Reverend Cassandra Rae is an unexpected minister! She was raised evangelical Baptist and spent her twenties as an angry atheist. Then she had a medical crisis, which launched her onto a spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery. Now she's an advocate for an empowered spirituality that embraces your humanity as the path of knowing your divinity.

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