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The Secret Message of Toilet Paper

By Rev. Dr. Nadene Rogers

What is it that my Soul needs to know through the silence?

I doubt that it is about the need to overbuy or over worry, but it could be about opening up to the perpetual gift of Divine Wisdom and into higher consciousness for the greatest good of all.

So, rather than running out to hoard, as if I could ever control worldly conditions, I look to find a way to become more open, more vulnerable to grow my capacity. As I express and therefore experience all my feelings, I find I am more relaxed and open to new ways of seeing myself and the world around me, which provides the space in which to replace fearfulness with mindfulness.

Some are shouting that we are getting the worldly finger! I believe we are getting a Universal finger, pointing us with great intensity to the same ongoing question: What am I allowing to enter into my Mind?

It is so reassuring to know that the storehouse of Spiritual Intelligence is infinite in Its Supply!

This is how I access and activate this Intelligence when my focus shifts into an ‘empty-shelf’ mindset.

1) I revisit the idea that all existing conditions like COVID-19, are effects from a Cause planted in Mind, and that this Cause like all Cause, is motivated by natural evolution.

2) I accept that I am always in state of vulnerability as co-creator of my reality – a partner in the universal creative process moving my seeds of thought into my experience.

3) I become still, listening to the Divine Feminine, welcoming these aspects of Spiritual wholeness into my life: nurturing, patience, and intuition in greater care for myself and others.

4) I choose to see vulnerability as a pathway to new ways of feeling, expressing, being, and creative thinking; and give thanks for the subsequent neutralization of fearfulness, that results from this perception.

So, what is it that my Soul needs to know through the silence?

I would summarize by saying, a deeper dive into the power that vulnerability has to open me to a higher level of conscious awareness and action. It is here I understand that vulnerability is not something to resist. Feeling vulnerable is a natural ongoing state, inherent within the creative process of self-actualization and spiritual evolution.

It is my demonstration of openness to new ways of being, in times of change and challenge, not my willingness, which transitions me from who I believe I am, into who I am becoming.

As a global humanity, we are being wisely driven into our homes - our soul-homes, to become more still, more aware, more self-loving, and more present to what is and what is possible by means of self-reliance.

Who would have ever thought that one little roll of TP, or lack thereof, could play such a vital role in centring one’s mind in Truth!

Divine Right Action is happening in my life now. I am open and declare my capacity to care for myself in a new way, attracting exactly what it is I truly need, even before I need it!

What is it that your Soul needs to know through the silence?


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