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Spirituality in Action!

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

We have an exciting year ahead, as we roll out our 2019 theme of Spirituality in Action!

Dr. Ernest Holmes is a 20th-century master spiritual teacher and the author of Science of Mind (SOM). He believes that “Our highest satisfaction comes from a conscious union with this Thing called Life.” This Thing, or Infinite Unified Field of Energy operates in us, through us, and as us, at all times. 

This month we go back to the basics of the Science of Mind teaching as we cover:

What is this cause behind of all creation, this thing known by many names, and how does it work? What does it do and how can we use it by directing it for the benefit of all life. How can we remain a free-thinking individual developing our courage to express ourselves authentically, while learning to surrender the ego enough to trust and be guided by spirit within?How does the material world come from an infinite creative intelligence, the one source of all life? In SOM, this concept is known as multiplicity from unity. How we can build bridges between seeming paradox through our understanding that source, as wholeness and perfection, exists in all of its parts. In SOM, this concept is known as unity in multiplicity.What is it in us that seeks the truth? Is it our minds, is it our hearts? Whatever it is, humanity shares the same spiritual DNA and therefore inherits the same desire and capacity to find this truth. Each of us has the power to rise up to the highest possibility of our greatest good and demonstrate that good. But first, we must embody a greater understanding of who we are and vision what is truly possible by means of us, so that we gain the clarity and courage to become that which we seek. A new year provides the opportunity for a new beginning. Come and check us out on Sundays; invite your friends, get involved, get excited! Something wonderful is happening right where we are! I look forward to meeting each of you, so please take a moment and introduce yourselves; let’s get to know each other and grow each other, as walk each other home. Rev. Nadene Rogers


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