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What is the Creative Process?

You are a creative being. I don’t mean that you’re artistic or crafty - although you might be! What I mean is that you are an inherently creative being with a built-in drive or desire to cultivate a life filled with purpose, joy, and influence. You are here to make a difference.

Here at the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock, we believe in a universal creative process that you can tap into at any time from wherever you are at in life. You don’t have to earn your right or access. It is given. You don’t have to prove your worthiness. You’re worthy simply because you exist. It’s not reserved only for some. It is yours.

It’s based on these three aspects of God* as Spirit, Mind, and Body:

  1. God as Spirit - The Conscious Universal Mind, Spirit, Intelligence that is the First Cause and origin of everything and everyone.

  2. God as Mind - The Universal Creative Medium that manifests impersonally the directives implanted by Spirit.

  3. God as Body - The physical manifestation of Spirit in form (i.e. the physical universe and all it contains)

What is true on the universal level is true on the individual level; therefore, each one of us also has these same three aspects. In other words:

  1. God as Spirit individualized in you as your spirit.

  2. You are surrounded by a Creative Medium that takes the impression of your thought and acts upon it.

  3. Your physical body and being is the vehicle through which you function. You are a physical manifestation of Spirit in form.

I find it helpful to look at the creative process through the analogy of seed, soil, and plant:

[1] We plant seeds of thought [2] into the creative soil of the universe [3] that unfold into and as our lives.

What I love about this analogy is that seeds have everything within them they need to come into fruition. Here’s how you can consciously use the creative process in your life right now:

Step 1: Imagine what you want to experience and see it in your mind’s eye as if it’s already happening

Step 2: Step into the picture you’ve created in your mind and feel what it feels like to be there already

Step 3: Relax into this new reality, believing it’s on its way to you, while taking brave baby steps

Step 4: Continue to practice this until you experience what you’ve envisioned. Notice and identify all the big and small ways it shows up in your life.

~ Adapted from the Foundations of Science of Mind curriculum

I invite you to claim the creative process for yourself. Dedicate some time to take an inventory of your life. Where would you like to experience something new? Where might you engage the creative process? Begin practicing today because the world needs your specific vision of creativity and purpose. We are absolutely here to create the world we want to experience and I believe that when the seeds you plant come into fruition that the whole world benefits.

*God: We have an unconventional definition of God - learn more here

About Rev. Cassandra Rae

Reverend Cassandra Rae is an unexpected minister! She was raised evangelical Baptist and spent her twenties as an angry atheist. Then she had a medical crisis, which launched her onto a spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery. Now she's an advocate for an empowered spirituality that embraces your humanity as the path of knowing your divinity.

About the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

We envision a world that naturally expresses Love. We’re on a mission to awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence. We offer tools for transformation, authentic self-expression, and conscious living. We believe that spiritual community is key in living a life of purpose and meaning. We gather to inspire, support, and invite heartfelt connection that empowers the soul.


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