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Soul Currency

My journey with money, when looked at from a material standpoint, might leave some heads shaking. I am great when it comes to manifesting, but I also really like to practice the Law of Circulation and outward flow.

Why is it we struggle to balance our personal debit and credit Excel spreadsheet over the course of our lifetimes? The answer is simple: Life is spontaneous and there is only so much we can plan for and prepare. Attempting to achieve and maintain a balanced budget, unless you are a not-for- profit organization rather than a living breathing organism, can result in an apathetic, complacent, and uninspired life.

To walk in this world with that ‘certain knowing’ that all is truly well, in a way that is both objectively observable and intuitively recognized is, for me, an accomplishment. I relate it to having a healthy balance between ego and essence which translates into my soul’s currency. Currency, in the most specific use of the word, refers to money in any form when in use or circulation, as a medium of exchange. Soul currency is the investing of my inner wealth or wealth consciousness to procure a fulfilling and prosperous life experience.

Abundance exists within a spiritual system which is predisposed to give limitlessly and effortlessly of its infinite storehouse in correspondence with the energetic impress my belief system places upon it. My soul currency has amassed by means of many unexpected and unimagined channels over the years, increasing my trust in a universe that is always for me and not against me.

Investment is the mindful, life-affirming action I take, respecting and loving not only who I truly am as one who has inherited the kingdom by birthright, but also for who I am being, when dealing with the body of my affairs. I cannot create an experience of having a solid foundation upon which the currency of my soul translates into a prosperous life, if I am at odds within myself.

There is only One Source of All Good, and I have learned to access and activate Source through practicing these three steps:

1. Understanding affirmatively that Source is present everywhere and is always responsive,

2. Having a clear mental equivalent of what I can accept,

3. Being willing to trust the immutable universal creative process, in which invisible spiritual substance becomes realized through me.

My soul currency has unequivocally been defined through learning to both demand my good and receive the flow of universal abundance. Truth has many doors into Itself. Contrary to popular belief, I discovered that it is not better to give than receive, but rather to receive my spiritual good first, and then open the flood gates for Infinite Supply sourced right where I am to pour forth.

Rev. Nadene Rogers,


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