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Relationship Rollercoaster

IN the split second before I enact silence, about what is really on my mind, or that little white lie, which I have convinced myself is the right choice, perhaps a little come-to-Jesus-moment is just what the metaphysical doctor ordered! If we do not trust the high consciousness sourced within our mind (our use of the One Mind), then how can we exercise the deepest knowing of our heart in developing a sacred relationship with another: our muse, partner, friend, colleague?

So many times we feel we are on the upswing in a meaningful relationship. You know the feeling, when everything is easy, pleasant, open, agreeable and comfortable, likened to the ascent on the rollercoaster ride. But also, underneath our hopeful optimism, lurks the anticipation of what comes next. For some, who take life in their stride that could be described as the ‘thrill;’ for most, what comes next is identified with fear, falling, failing, crashing, even death, before another reprieve, or the anticipation thereof, presents itself. And yet, again and again, we keep on buying those ride tickets. Why? Because the thrill, the excitement of new experience and an expanding perception of who we are, pulls us into our own soul’s evolution. However, the excitement just simply cannot exist, without its sacred compliment. If there were no rollercoaster, there would be no Rock n’ Roll!

So, the solution is not to stop buying the ride tickets, but to prepare yourself for the ride of your life by ensuring that we are tethered in our capacity for clarity and commitment to honor our personal values. To lovingly share what works and doesn’t work for us, without exceptions or compromise in favor of taking responsibly for the ‘other’s needs, is a key to developing heartfelt connections.

Dr. William Glasser, author of two books entitled, Reality Therapy and Control Theory, emphatically states that we are responsible to get our needs met and to do it in a way that doesn’t prohibit another taking responsibility to get their needs met.

In addition to the wisdom of psychology, a metaphysical prescription would suggest we apply the principle of Oneness. In that there is no ‘other’, but a reflection of the perceived self in one’s own mind, our relationships will show up in exacting correspondence. As we choose to treat ourselves with love, respect and compassion, we will, in equal proportion, build our capacity to treat others in the same manner. In addition, from a new thought-seed planted in Mind, to be authentic and honest in all our communications, we will begin to attract the same energetic vibration that exists within that seed for loving and kind relationships.

So, the next time you find yourself face to face with your worst nightmare, you know the one you said that you would never create again, here is a fool-proof guide as to how to anticipate the thrill and not the fear:

  • Remain a faithful servant to the commitment you have made to honor yourself first.

  • Remember that you are your responsibility.

  • Do in love what you feel you must do in each moment.

  • Trust yourself - your divine humanity, to make the best decision you can.

  • Make the decision to move forward, as love, always as love.

From this point there is only one thing left to do: Get to the front of the line and double down on your ticket purchase, remembering there is nowhere to go in consciousness, but up!

Rev. Nadene Rogers


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