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Book of the Month: Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

This month’s book, Broken Open, by Elizabeth Lesser was made for difficult times. These challenging and unsettling days in which we currently find ourselves are unprecedented. This book explains that if we can see the way ahead, awful times can be blessings. That is the cornerstone of this work: we can make it.

Elizabeth takes us on an extraordinary journey. What makes one person lose their hope and motivation with the pressure and problems of their unique life and give in to despair and hopelessness, while another uses their personal undoing as a path to brighter ways of being, a marvellous breakthrough instead of a breakdown?

When we allow ourselves to settle and to see, we are imbued, the light comes to us! It isn’t just at the end of the tunnel. It is the tunnel. But the way in is the way out.

We need to venture inside and ask what our soul wants, what it needs to have purpose. What can’t we live without? What is worth changing our life? At places, the darkness seems like it will end us, but it is merely a time to grow and evolve and know what we genuinely want. However, we must be willing to brave the dusty unexplored road. When we embrace the darkness, as a friend who is here to teach us, we can break open and see what comes out. What is in our heart? We can stop pretending and being afraid of our feelings and aches. Who are we really? Who do we wish we were?

The nature of life is change and humans resist change. Yet, change can be the way out and up to where better things are waiting. Elizabeth speaks powerfully of the major soul journey: if we will take it “even as things fall apart, we can become whole.” We worry so much about keeping up with the Joneses when, in fact, we are all extraordinary and wonderful. If we would only step into our power, even if it means deep change and altering our life as we know it, we can have the life we were meant to live.

Elizabeth shares amazing parables through which we access the power of myth, like the magnificent fire bird, Phoenix. She uses the Phoenix as an effective metaphor to clarify for us the change process. Awake in the excruciating fire of change, we emerge as greater beings. As the old passes away, the new day will be worth everything we’ve been through. “When hard times have brought me to my knees, I have knelt on the ground of my soul.” But, “there will be light. The light will come through the cracks. But first the cracks.” If you are struggling in this time of stress, know we are all in this together. Broken Open provides a path to a better life, if we aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions and listen, our soul will tell us what we need, and entreat us with possibility.

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We believe that spiritual community is key in living a life of purpose and meaning. We gather to inspire, support, and invite heartfelt connection that empowers the soul.

About Cheryl Graham

I’ve been following the spiritual path the entirety of my life. But when I found the Centre for Spiritual Living in 2009, I was blessed and knew I was completely home and right where I belonged. Here was a philosophy and belief that honoured me body and soul. As well, writing is a delightful experience for me and to be able to use my English skills to expound upon books and ideas is extraordinary.


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