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Peace and Power

Hello Dear One,

How are you doing so far this holiday season? I find it perplexing that this time of year brings so much stress, tension, and overall busy-ness. It seems like it should be about slowing down, connecting, and sharing with one another. Instead, there's extra traffic, extra spending, and extra anxiety. This is why our theme this month is Creating Peace Anew. Amongst it all, we have the opportunity to make a new choice, to let go of expectations, and to create anew.

So far we've talked about two pathways of peace: authenticity and turning within for guidance while also asking for help from others. Today I turn to the very definition of peace as it is described in The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes:

Peace is a state of inner calm. An inner calm so complete that nothing can disturb it. The Peace which comes only from the knowledge that It is All. Fathomless Peace is meant by the Peace of the Spirit. This is the peace to which Jesus referred when he said, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you." The Infinite is always at peace because there is nothing to disturb It. A realization of our Oneness with Omnipresence brings peace, the peace which is accompanied by a consciousness of power.

Yes! This is what I want this holiday season: a peace that comes with a consciousness of power. So that no matter what is happening around me, I can stay connected to the Source of Fathomless Peace inside of me.

I offer this to you today so that you too can remain in the gentle, yet powerful embrace of Spirit. This power is greater than the traffic, the expectations, the grief, and the overwhelm. You are loved just as you are and guided from where you are, into the highest and deepest expression of your soul. And this, dear one, provides a sense of peace and power like no other.

I hope you're able to join us this Sunday as Rev Liz Mirante reminds us we can always find our way back to the One through the story of Judah and the Maccabees. And we have a very special evening solstice and candle lighting service on Sunday, December 22nd featuring musician Diane Lines (click here for more info).

Blessings of Peace and Power,


Cassandra Rae, spiritual director

Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

"Spirit's Power to Renew: Lessons from the Hanukkah Story" on Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 10:30 am (doors open at 10:00)

Sunnyside Community Hall


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