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It's In Every One of Us

Recently, I gave a Sunday talk in Red Deer, Alberta. We opened our time together with some community singing, one of which was a favourite in New Thought teaching circles entitled: “It’s in every one of us.”

I have sung this song hundreds of times, and it never hit me until that moment, that some of its lyrics are in direct contradiction with the principles of the science of mind teaching. I am referring to the line, “We can all have everything without ever knowing how.” Interestingly, my talk title was: “Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!”

When I said this to my friend, she replied, “What do you mean; we are not supposed to know the how, just the what and the why - no attachment to outcome, Nadene, remember?”

“Ah, yes!” I retorted, “but the ‘how’ to me refers to the process, not the result.” And of course, I went on to expound upon my reasoning.

Metaphysics states that energy moves into matter and energy, therefore, is matter - just as thought creates things and, therefore, thoughts are things. And from there we know that the universal subjective Law of Being responds affirmatively to that which is impressed upon it, demonstrating correspondingly in form.

We know that our role as ‘co-creator is to clearly, with conviction, plant and nurture the seed of our desire, knowing the rest will be automatically be taken care of through the divine Law of Mind in action.

So, I would propose that we do know the how, but we do not always know the what or the why, let alone believe ourselves to be creative or worthy vessels for the expression of our deepest desires and highest good.

Well, after my friend’s silence had lifted, and a big release of breath followed, accompanied by the drawn-out utterance, ”Ah, right, that makes perfect sense,” she dawned a look of peaceful remembrance.

We say we want to be free, and, there is an art in balancing our taking personal responsibility to do the work that is ours to do, with the letting go in faith, those pieces that are not ours to control.

The universal creative process always unfolds in divine order.

I have come to realize that I can’t manifest an expansive, inclusive, all- encompassing experience of life, when I am not minding my own business. Yes, we can have it all, but only if we understand how we play our role in the direct manifestation of the ‘all’ we desire!

Join us this Sunday, as we welcome Rev. Gwen Smith from Kelowna, speaking on creating and experiencing an expanded life.

By Rev. Nadene Rogers


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