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Harvesting Our Good

James Baldwin wrote: “We’ve got to be as clear-headed about human beings as possible because we are still each other’s only hope.” Harvesting Our Good depends upon our conscious connection with ourselves and others, and our storytelling reveals how conscious our connection truly is.

The three top stories that are being covered in the News, from my perspective are, the impending impeachment of Trump, the environmental advocacy of Greta Thunberg and the betrayal from Justin Trudeau. What are your top three, or should I rephrase and say, bottom three. Even though there is a piece of us in any story that attracts us, our core work is to be mindful enough to tell our story with an energy that inspires others to live from their own inherent goodness.

We are speaking this month about Harvesting our Good, to increase our capacity to deeply question and honestly answer ‘what is the meaning of Good to us,’ and how may we come to receive it. Again, it all ties into our storytelling and our propensity, more often than not, to lean away from our innate goodness and become preoccupied with either the deservingness or unworthiness of others. If we continue to focus our attention on the good, misfortune, or news of others, how can we possibly create a relationship with our Good, let alone harvest and receive its fruits?

Let us restate the first spiritual principle of this Infinite Spiritual Intelligence, the Cause back of all Life, seen and unseen. It is Wholeness, and Wholeness infers Unity, which is the second principle of this interdependent cosmos since the beginning of time. There is nothing that happens, no story that can be created, adapted, rejected or retold, that lives outside of the collective consciousness. So that while we will only consciously relate to a certain number of individuals in our 3rd dimensional lifespan, our purview of the existence of Goodness stems from both millennia and our free will choice or volition and to live knowing that what has gone before is a mere point we have visited in the natural unfolding of our I Am Presence.

Knowing that we are whole and complete inherently, and One in the One, our trajectory unfolds a human story that is destined to change millions of lives for the Good.

Did you ever read Homer’s Odyssey? It is one of the greatest foundational myths of western culture because it asks what it means to be a hero. Or how about Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which openly addressed the cruelty of slavery, human exploitation, the lopsided legal system, the entrenched patriarchy and the need for feminism? Then there was Frankenstein, the quintessential story of the modern world and our understanding of life and death, God and human and machine. Indeed these are iconic literary works that created new patterns of thought in which our humanity was deeply impacted and our culture changed.

The details of our story really aren’t important. What’s important is that we practice connecting with our soul’s goodness, express authentically, and have faith that the spiritual principles of wholeness and unity will create divine right action, and circumstances in which to continue to evolve us towards peace of mind and joyful living. It is here we harvest our good, thereby releasing our preoccupation with everything else.

I leave you with this affirmation written by Dr. Sue Rubin:

“I Am a beneficent presence and a way-shower for a greater idea, that already exists within the Mind and Heart of God as me.”

This Sunday, I invite you to welcome the divine goodness of Rev. Karin Wilson as she explores with you: What is Your Story?

By Rev. Nadene Rogers


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