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God Is All There Is

By Rev. Jeri Hudson

In times of stress, crisis, or trauma, well-meaning people often try to soothe us by telling us that God is right where we are. I have come to understand that statement to be false.

We teach that God is all there is and that all that is, quite simply, is God. When we live this teaching, we realize that God is not right where we are; WE ARE IN GOD! God does not diminish Itself to come to the tiny little place that we exist in all of creation. God holds all that is and all we are within Itself.

The creation story in the Kabballah explains that God was so big, so incredibly vast, that It had to inhale a little just to make room for us, that It withdrew Itself so that we could exist within It. That’s a mighty big God. I love that story because it reminds me that no matter where I am, no matter what is happening in my world, my country, or my family, I am held in the very center of God where all is well and unfolding in the Perfection that God is. I can be at peace because I am made in the image and likeness of God with all the Power and Potential of God. I can be peaceful because I AM PEACE. God made me out of Itself and all that God is I am; all that God is YOU ARE! It didn’t give us Peace and leave out Joy. It didn’t give us Light and leave out Intelligence.

Judge Thomas Troward said, “I am that which Thou art. Thou art that which I am.” This is the simple Truth we teach. Can you believe it? Can you see yourself right now within the Heart and Mind of the Creator Sustainer of your life? Can you begin to feel the Peace that is you rise up in your consciousness?

We are living in strange times. Many of us feel anxiety about the present and confusion about what the future might even look like. Yet, if we consider that our lives exist within Life Itself, we can begin to breathe deeper and experience the Peace that we are.

Take a moment right now to consider something that is troubling you. Have you been trying to deal with it, to figure it out, not knowing which way to turn, or how to feel better? Now picture yourself and this problem in the vast ocean of Love and Intelligence that is God. Can you let go and allow the Holy Spirit to comfort you and fill you with Its Peace?

This week let’s remember where we live! And who’s Life we are living! If we forget that we are alive within that which made us, may God send us a gentle reminder to look within and know the Truth…God is all there is.

About Rev, Jeri Hudson

Rev. Jeri is a recently graduated minister who found Religious Science in 1997. When she was 11, Jeri came to her own spiritual understanding that God must come to everyone in a way they can understand. For her, that meant if you were a little girl in Alabama you got Jesus, if you were a little girl in China you got Buddha.

In 2006, while rehearsing Daniel Nahmod’s “One Power” for a New Thought Music Festival, her heart broke open as she realized that she had wandered 40 years and had finally come home to that little girl’s understanding about God. There truly is just One Power and It lives inside of us, loves us, and wants to be our constant companion.

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