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Meet Our New Minister of Organizational Development

By Sherry Dolejsi

After hearing Reverend Champion Fleming (they/them) speak last Sunday and having read their biography, I had a much keener understanding of why they are the right and perfect person to cover the important topic of compassion satisfaction versus compassion fatigue, which concerns so many of us.

In looking closely at the details of their biography it is easy to discover how their experience could figure prominently and be rife with compassion fatigue:

- A licensed minister for the Centers for Spiritual Living

- An organizational development consultant working with

national non-profits and labor unions who are committed to anti-racist strategies that lead to cultural and political change.

- Worked for decades on LGBTQIA issues, AIDS awareness, poverty, and racism.

- Served as a practitioner and leader at CSL, Davis in Davis, California, and the East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, CA.

I can only imagine the difficulty, pain, frustration, exhaustion, and disappointment for Rev. Champion while working on behalf of individuals, who for decades have lived in suffering, abuse, and hardship always at the margins of our society. It is precisely people like Rev. Champion whose abundance of compassion allows them to do the important, necessary, and hard work and move us all closer to a world that works for everyone.

In their very first talk at CSL White Rock, Compassion Satisfaction in Action (video below) Rev. Champion’s calmly paced voice, comfortable tone, and unique turn-of-phrase felt more like an interesting conversation with a trusted friend. Their sense of humour and ready chuckle punctuated the authenticity of their personal story. Sharing that their ‘compassion eyes were bigger than their plate,’ was a perfect metaphor for the impending burnout that follows when we fail to nurture ourselves and don’t know how to say, ‘No.'

Yes, not only are they the right and perfect person to speak on this topic, Rev. Champion Fleming is also the right and perfect person to join our growing CSL White Rock community as our new Minister of Organizational Development. While they will be working with our leadership team and helping us with strategic planning, they will also be speaking once per quarter in 2021. Watch their talk below or listen to it on our podcast. Please join us in welcoming Rev. Champion to CSL White Rock!

About Sherry Dolejsi

Sherry retired in 2017, from a whirlwind career of teaching phenomenal grade 6 and 7 students, and moved to a +55 community in Abbotsford. Unpredictably, Covid-19’s limitations have gifted her with growing computer skills, increased self-care, enriched spiritual practice, and time for creative endeavours. Serving as President of the Board of Trustees for CSL White Rock has been a blessing.

About the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

We envision a world that naturally expresses Love. We’re on a mission to awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence. We offer tools for transformation, authentic self-expression, and conscious living. We believe that spiritual community is key in living a life of purpose and meaning. We gather to inspire, support, and invite heartfelt connection that empowers the soul.


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