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Entering The World Of Unity

While attending an annual Religious Science conference 10 years ago, our keynote speaker, Dr. Bruce Lipton, shared something with us based on his decades of stem cell research: “Our perception can change our DNA!”

It was at that precise moment it registered in my brain that by changing my thoughts, I can change my very being. It occurred to me that freedom is found right where I am. When I access the creative power of thought, I enter the world of Unity and thus of freedom.

To prove this principle to myself, I began the process of dismantling those beliefs and stories of mine that clearly had an outdated shelf life. Now, I was welcoming in and clearly identifying the best decisions for my highest good. I could now relinquish the sense of urgency around ‘my greater next yet to be;’ I found myself in a place of ‘interior organization’ and peacefulness I had not known before.

My view of the order of things in my life now reveals the awe and wonder of God’s presence everywhere. I have created the ability to cross the bridge of seeming paradox, through a perception that flows from my unshakable belief in Oneness. There is One Life, that Life is Perfect, that Life is God’s Life, that Life is my Life now.

By embodying the principle of ‘as within, so without,’ I enter the world of Unity, and recognize it to be present everywhere in its multiple forms.

Imagine that all the power you need to effectively and permanently change your life circumstances already exist as your spiritual blueprint. Then imagine that you are always in the right place, at the right time, to say yes to what Ernest Holmes calls the “ideal of personal liberty.” That is freedom.

I look forward to sharing more about this when we are together this Sunday. And don’t forget we have a one-hour Town Hall Meeting immediately following our Service. We want to update date you on what we’ve been doing and get your input into where we are going as a community.

Rev. Nadene Rogers


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