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Embracing Our Humanity

Our humanity means we exist. Our ego informs us that we know we exist and have value. Our soul informs us we know that we are at one in the unity of Life. So, why then do we not know how to live in an authentic way? Could it be because we identify ourselves with the outside world instead of our inside voice?

For me, the journey has always been about learning to discover (not create) who I am and how to accept and love myself just as I am. In other words, simply embrace my humanity, however I am being, whatever I am thinking or doing, or dreaming or running from - just embrace.

The difficulty, as we all can attest, is in remembering that we are not our thoughts, our bodies, our experiences, our actions, our words or our feelings. Why? Because we are always evolving forward into something beyond what has gone before as human beings and because we are at the very same time, divine light beings of infinite magnitude.

It indeed seems like a crazy world some times. No wonder we ask ourselves, “Who am I again?”

There are two universal natural laws which I have come to rely upon, and which keep me leaning in love towards myself and centred in a world of constant change.

The first is the universal Law of Correspondence, which states that life is a reflection, meaning ‘as within, so without’ – as I believe, so will it be done. The second is the Law of Reciprocity, which responds by returning my reflection in a myriad of ways. I understand that I am free to choose either a new or a ‘tried and true’ experience in every turn of events. While this process is going on, the divine paradox, (an apparent contradiction that nonetheless contains the spiritual truth) keeps me on my toes, somewhat amused, guessing and growing my faith, as the immutable, unchangeable laws governing the creative process of manifestation, is working through me.

We find that we are eventually made aware, that nothing exists in our experience outside of our thoughts about it, which can be very encouraging, indeed, when you think of the applications of this truth! Sometimes it seems like forever to get to ‘eventually!’ We do have a tendency to huff and puff, whine and dine our way through the challenges of accepting it all as good, or at least necessary for our own growth. Inevitably, we seem to find ourselves right back at where we began, with one impressive shift. This time, we are more willing to live in the unknown, and more amenable to trust the process: a process whereby growing comes from the knowing and knowing comes from the growing

What a journey we share! Embracing my humanity has comes in steps, breaths, and waves of emotion, whether my energy be light or heavy or scattered. I never know when the penny will drop, but I always know that there is a Power and Presence for Good within me and I can access and activate it as co-creator of my life.

Try on these 3 Steps on the path of embracing your humanity:

  • Be spontaneous: In touch and present with life. Both with the life you experience within you (mind-heart-body-soul connection) and with your outer reflection.

  • Self-trust: You are thinking with and as the One Mind, and, therefore, you are always guided and aware of your Good, instinctivel. So, remember that you always make the best choice possible, given your level of intuitive sensing and finite knowledge, at the time.

  • Non-attachment: Another divine paradox here. Knowing that you co-create your reality, you can, at the same time, be once removed from the experience of your reality. This gives you objectivity and, therefore, the capacity to choose more freely and easily, remaining unattached from the onset.

We are all practicing, rehearsing in this grand adventure of life and livingness, which in and of itself is eternal. No right, no wrong way of being, unless our thinking makes it so.

So – lighten up friends, let your light out and embrace your beingness as divinely human!

Join us this month as we explore this idea of “Embracing our Humanity,” beginning with: “Surrender Thy Name.”

Rev. Nadene Rogers


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