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A STAR is Born!

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Just like in the recently acclaimed movie of the same name, one comes to realize their own shining light through the eyes of another. We need a witness or witnesses in order to be able to see and receive a truth about ourselves; until one day, our mind begins to tip in that certain direction and we begin to think those certain thoughts about ourselves.

Assuming that you know what, I mean, through your own experience, you might very well exclaim, “Yeah, but it seems to take so long before we awaken to the realization of who we truly are!” And, I would understand exactly what you mean, too.

Waiting with intention can be a spiritual practice, if it is initiated by our trust in universal divine order. When we consciously move those thoughts bound in conviction, it is the nature of the universal law of being to receive and respond in kind with our best needed result! When these demonstrations appear over and over again, we can, with confidence and ease, rely upon this creative process, initialized by us and fulfilled by Spirit. Despite what we may announce to the world – in all Truth – we don’t work alone!

With this understood, waiting can become an anticipatory adventure. We await the subtle and profound revelations of Spirit to express in Its wholeness and perfection, as the unique individualization of Itself, that we are. And a star is born!

There are many ways in which we can sabotage this ‘great reveal,’ aside from our general preoccupation of focusing on past and future ‘what if’s.’

Think for a moment. What are some of the ways that you miss this astonishing experience, when the inexpressible overtakes the self-imposed, unbecoming image you hold of yourself? What are some of the behaviours you use, that make you resist being trusting and receptive in the waiting period, that cause you to fret and fear?

For me, at this juncture of awareness, it is that my ego tells me that it is egotistical to presume my human greatness. (Are we crazy or what!) Then the landslide begins and my reasons, both conscious and subconscious, kick-start the proverbial cycle of disowning my spiritual inheritance. I know I have family in you!

So then, how can we work with this sly, incessant voice of the ego constructively, in order that we may lean into the land of unification with the Divine? Are you ready? No, I mean really ready, to accept your greatness, your fabulousness, your unparalleled magnificence to experience the star you are born to be?

If your answer is YES, then you must be grounded enough in this Truth, to allow yourself new experiences of your stardom - however they show up - and allow them the time to appear, relinquishing any grasping to try and extend the experience. If your answer is NO, then you know where your work is, in this moment now. It is, with as much gratitude and grace as you can muster, to continue to understand and trust that the universal creative process unfolds through you and as you, AT ALL TIMES.

Now, just for the record, when I speak of ‘waiting’ as a spiritual practice, I do not mean being passive. The movement of Spirit upon Itself to create Itself in our ‘conscious’ experience, requires our active participation! We, as One, create (co-create) reality. No, we do not work alone, and because of this Truth, a star is being born right as you are reading these words, in the very next breath you breathe.

It is in this Truth and in our trust of this Truth that we let go of seeking our identity in the eyes of another. And with clarity and celebration realize, that the illumination of our divine humanity is a natural, inborn phenomenon, not needing the approval, but rather just the witnessing of a healthy, well-directed ego.

A Star has been born, and the waiting period… well, it’s subject to conditions… or not. Rev. Nadene Rogers


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