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We Grow With The Flow

By Rev. Nadene Rogers

It is very easy for me to bring to mind the feelings I had in moments when it seemed everything was going my way. Don’t you just love when the conditions in your life line up just as you envisioned them to, in a timely fashion, even exceeding your expectations? We all do. However, even more importantly to me, are those feelings of ease, grace, quiet joy and an apparent peace of mind as I go about my day.

To feel like we are in the flow and see the evidence in both the moments and conditions of our lives, we must understand what is ours to do as co-creators of our reality.

The Science of Mind teaches that everything is consciousness, and that all things flow naturally from consciousness into our experience, based upon our beliefs. To be in flow with the universal creative process, we must align our energy in thought and feeling, with the specifics of the concept of, the person, place or thing that we wish to experience. We need to understand that our energy imprints upon, and thereby directs the universal subjective Law of Mind, as well have faith in the impersonal and orderly quality of its manifesting action. These are but a few key factors, in us being in the flow with how creation comes about, so that as we are intentionally and responsibly playing our part in creating our reality, we can relax and enjoy life a lot more!

I know that when I push against an idea, it is because I have a desired outcome and expectation in mind that doesn’t include that particular idea or plan suggested by another. I can feel stuck, frustrated and anxious at times, because saying yes to an idea that was not mine, means I don’t have a way to track the process forward, and it may not procure the outcome I desire. However, if I do not welcome in the ideas of others, then at best I can get a result that I like and stay in my comfort zone, along with that niggling sense, that I might have missed out on something better!

So, how can I shift from resistance to flow and be open to grow? Simple as ABC…

A. Trust that the same Infinite Creative Intelligence that lives in you, lives in the ‘other’ the situation, the probability if you resist and the possibility if you welcome in the new.

B. Trust that, Intelligence is always creating from and for the highest good of all.

C. Trust that everything you think you need or lack, already exists within, awaiting your activation, through awareness and choice.

The purpose of the human journey is not to create, but discover who we truly are. We are ever evolving our infinite expression and therefore experience of the I AM, which is our true spiritual nature, our divine humanity. When we are conscious, and apply the ABC’s of co-creator etiquette, we grow in the flow of Life as it exists in all its infinite creative potential, rather than through our resistance to its limited expression. I choose flow – how ‘bout you?


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