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Trusting a Consciousness of Wealth

Wealth. Some people equate wealth with money and view it as a godsend. Some people view money as the root of all evil. This attitude has historically resulted in the dividing and conquering of people, economies, and countries.

A ‘consciousness of wealth’ is not necessarily part of our genetic makeup and most definitely not prevalent in the collective unconscious. The fact is we live in an abundant universe and great potential exists in the fertile soil of a wealthy mindset. When money is manifested through a consciousness of wealth, it can unite people in the creation of a spiritual economy.

A dozen or so people at CSL White Rock recently completed a month-long course called Prosperous Me that I facilitated. The participants became aware that many of us would rather “live a simple/simpler life” than attract abundance in the form of cash, equity stocks, bequests, lottery wins, tithes, and other possible means of financial plenty. In part, we discovered that the culprit wasn’t money at all; after all, money is simply God in action. Rather, at issue was our emotional relationship with money which determined or skewed our level of self-trust in our ability to attract, spend, and save money.

The question becomes: Do we trust ourselves when relating to money?

Trust can be a challenging concept. Often, we associate the word trust as it relates to others, in particular, in the giving and receiving of love. Identifying trust this way can trigger memories of sadness, anger, disappointment, and suffering. However, as we learn and practice spiritual teachings, we can open to a new perspective on the concepts of trust and trusting others.

As we moved through our 30-day course, our Prosperous Me group began to see trust as, first and foremost, a gift we needed to give ourselves, and from this relationship, trust in Life in all its diverse forms including money. We uncovered, each in our own way, how important it was to keep our self- promises, act with integrity, honor our needs and boundaries, and we discovered the supreme value of defaulting to compassion when we discovered circumstantial evidence of our own limited thinking. As we built a consciousness of trust with ourselves, our newfound self-worth fueled our consciousness of acceptance and opened up new channels of prosperity.

Building a consciousness of wealth is rooted in the understanding that this universe is unlimited in its Good, bountiful, and unbounded in its blessings. These blessings are initiated as the Loving Infinite Self of Life pours Itself into us and is made manifest through the Law of Its Being. We activate the energy of this understanding by allowing ourselves to think about the blessings in our lives and prioritizing our self as the first blessing. Then, we can expand this energy field by activating an affirmative universal response by choosing actions of unbounded gratitude and generosity of spirit, as we go about our daily business.

I always remember how I do one thing, is how I do all things to a greater or lesser degree. In other words, my same core beliefs are operating all the time, not just in one particular area of my life. If I do not trust myself to grow and sustain love for who I AM, then how can I trust myself to attract, honour, and celebrate wealth in all areas of my life?

Trust isn’t earned, it is learned through practising self-trust. We are all spiritually intelligent, and we can choose to trust in our capacity to claim our divine inheritance and build our own consciousness of wealth. Rev. Nadene Rogers


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