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This morning, I needed calm. I decided to spontaneously head out to sit on the lake’s edge, in Peachland BC. The brilliance of the shimmering, yet ever so still, water mirrored the inherent beauty and possibility, which, at every moment, is held in the palm of Life’s hand.

There are days, and I am sure you have them, when the idea of retreat is looming in the foreground of your mind. This is a good thing. There is a reason why we come to the edge of our desire to give into life. That reason calls us home to refresh and renew our truth. The truth from which the natural inherent qualities of life can rise within us and guide us to our next perfect step, for our own highest and best.

Herein, we connect with the presence of joy. We connect with the all-consuming knowing of oneness and lightness and promise. Yes, there is joy within sadness, within anger, within depression, within the pull of fight or flight. Joy is a natural state of being like peace, like unity and like love. So, if we choose to take a precious moment to connect with our own natural state of being, we find that it lays waiting right within whatever thought or feeling messenger caught our attention.

A spiritual principle, is an absolute Truth that is impersonal, constant and unchangeable. Infinite Intelligence is in constant creative mode, in relationship with the energy impressed upon it. When we feel ‘out of sorts’ and we push against it, we limit our experience of the principle of wholeness, through our focus on just the aspect of how we are feeling and our thoughts about that feeling. So, imagine if we changed our focus, our thought, and, therefore, our feeling, to align with our inherent natural state of being, described above. How much more of the infiniteness of Spirit would move through us, through the law of attraction!

This month, we are exploring the idea of how we can bridge what seems paradoxical in our life. If we live in a world of extreme opposites, which give rise to our opposition, we can rest assured that we are only ever one thought away from the journey back home. Joy is found in the practicing of our freedom to choose.


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