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The Divine Law of Mind

When two heavy-duty smokers moved in, up-wind of my condo, my nostrils and lungs were being assaulted hourly, day after day, unpleasant week after week. Conversations with the smokers and letters to the Strata yielded only the assurance, at the next AGM, that a vote on whether to change to a non-smoking designation for the complex would be on the agenda. This meant 9 months of keeping my windows closed and avoiding my balcony.

Resolute, I turned to Science of Mind for the answer: nothing outside of me needs to change for me to be happy. Okay, it is up to me to change my thinking. I shifted from focusing on the disgusting, acrid, stale stench of cigarette smoke and created a new thought: ‘Only fresh air and fragrance comes through my windows.’

Filled with faith and how the Divine Law of Mind Works through us, I began leaving my windows and doors open wide. Almost immediately, fresh air and fragrance was all that filled my lungs, day in and day out. No, the smokers had not moved away, were not on vacation, and had not quit smoking – I checked! It was my mind attracting to me fragrance and fresh air.

My long-held resentment towards the smokers, also, vanished as my decision to move to an established, non-smoking building and, consequently, much closer to my family and my Spiritual Centre would not have been made possible without this initial unpleasantness. Oddly, as I complete my painting, packing and staging for sale, I find myself feeling grateful to these smokers, who were the catalyst for this move. The irony is not lost on me that these smokers helped me to create an outcome that is for my highest and best.

While enjoying several classes with Rev. Nadene Rogers, in the last six months, I have deepened my understanding of Science of Mind, expanded my success in using Spiritual Mind Treatment, and become more adept at creating Mental Equivalents to replace my negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviours. I whole-heartedly encourage you to enroll in a Science of Mind course and watch the demonstrations manifest before your very eyes!

by Sherry Dolejsi

Continuing Student of Science of Mind


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