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When we are not certain what next step to take, and previous outcomes have left us feeling as if ‘one step forward sets us two steps back,’ our tendency can be to side-step the issue entirely. Rarely, do we implement the idea of one step at a time. That ‘fight or flight’ mentality can have its way with us. However, when we stop and pause for a good, refreshing dose of faith, we find we can manage that first step, which, of course, will lead us to the next.

When we carry a clear intention for each decision, filled with loving desire for its outcome to bless the many, it puts a spring in our step! To make decisions freely, in the knowing that all decisions truly evolve our understanding of the opportunities for trust, is a peaceful way to live.

In last Sunday’s message, I explored the topic of undefended love and shared that it's not found in the desire to escape the hard times, or to sustain the good times. It is found in the middle, as we ebb and flow from the beingness of our soul to the doingness of mind and action.

It is found in the fluidity of the universal creative process, made manifest through a neutral universal Law of Mind. Here we can connect to Infinite Creative Intelligence and, subsequently, feel centered, calm, and complete within ourselves - dancing undefended in the giving and receiving of love. Our capacity to be present and mindful in all decisions is not only doable for everyone, but probable, when we use a spiritual perspective for our compass.

When we begin to work with these spiritual principles and practices, our initial experience can be very awkward. So, our awareness of this cycle of self-expression, to experience, to new perception, continues to evolve, as we take just one step. We come to trust that all life is an interdependent interplay of the One expressing as the many, and that within every situation exists the same presence and power of that which ultimately created it.

‘Take a step and the bridge will be there’ is about moving in faith with an open heart and mind (a spiritual perspective) amidst life’s seeming paradox. Bridge-building is a great trade to have in one’s back pocket. It is a skill that we can never unlearn, as new and challenging circumstances will always appear at the right time to bridge us, from looking for God or truth or wholeness, to seeing from oneness.


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