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What would a day in your life feel like if you accepted all feelings, thoughts, and decisions that you make and others make? Is there an advantage to expanding one’s consciousness of acceptance by adopting an attitude of acceptance in all situations?

Keep in mind, acceptance doesn’t mean complacency or non-action: it means nonresistance. In this way, our minds can be unattached to what we believe should be happening and free to see the potential for change, the gift, or what is ours to do in that moment. When we judge, resist, or even press for the reason ‘why is this happening?’ our experience is like tip-toeing through a ‘mind field,’ instead of working within the infinite Intelligence in the field of Mind. Everything is consciousness; after all, that is where all seeds of thought are planted and grown, before we experience a result in the ‘outer’ world of manifestation.

There are many situations that call up our grief, our fear, our justifiable anger, from which our warrior spirit, as human rights advocate and Truth seeker, finds a voice.

I have come to formulate some rather common-sense guidelines, which serve to move me through my proverbial resistances to life. I have noticed that not only have I blocked life coming in, but, also, restricted the life within me – the Spirit expressing Itself uniquely as me - back out into the world.

In practicing acceptance in the face of incidences where I am triggered:

I observe what is really happening: I ask myself, is it the whole Truth?

I work with what is really happening: I center myself in my capacity to choose.

I accept what is really happening: I create an opening to a new possibility.

This method has afforded me the ‘pause’ I need to remember that I have full capacity and creative intelligence to choose, in every situation, how to see, to feel, and to be. As I take the time to centre myself in this Truth, I can see the situation more objectively and not make it about me: my safety, my image, my needs. I am then in the flow of Spirit from which, in which, all solutions exist.

We are the change makers, in the name of equanimity, justice, and stewardship. Change happens when we transmute our initial resistance through acceptance to then taking life affirming action.

Join me on Sunday, June 30 as we explore this idea of the value of acceptance, through the workings of universal law and order, and the land of sacred complements. When we see life as one sacred, interdependent, fluid happening, we know how our decisions, in any moment, affect change.


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