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Releasing our Human Bark

By Jana Stocker

Earlier this week, I read that the most common reason that trees lose their bark is to allow for growth and expansion. The hard, crusty bark prevents the tree from growing beyond its current size and so the tree naturally releases it so it can grow. What a wonderful metaphor for humans as well. Whether it is old thoughts, beliefs or patterns, we must release that which no longer serves us so we can evolve.

On Saturday, I participated in a zoom call with my Power of 8 course. The topic was on why intentions (or treatments in CSL language) don’t work. We were invited to identify beliefs that stand in our way of manifesting our intentions. (In other words, the bark in our lives). Some of the beliefs I identified were: I’m not worthy enough to ask for what I want; I’m scared to have what I want for fear it won’t turn out the way I want it to; people will think I’m selfish …and on it went. Crappy thought after crappy thought. It was clear to all of us on the call how detrimental these beliefs are to our intentions.

Human beings are funny: we are tied to wanting a particular thing AND we are also tied to limiting beliefs that sabotage the very thing we seek. For example, a person wants to attract a loving relationship with another yet holds the belief that they are unlovable. Or someone seeks greater prosperity but holds a core belief in lack and limitation. In both cases, the thing asked for is voided by the underlying thought.

In order to counteract this dilemma, we must first release old beliefs that no longer serve us. We need to clear the path so that the Law hears our desire, not an old limiting thought that diminishes it. When we turn away from the pain and limitation of the past and turn to the potentiality of our future, we can truly create the life of our dreams.

So lets take a tip from trees and release unnecessary bark that holds us confined to living small and expand into the lives that await us according to our consciousness.


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