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Perfectly Poised

Climbing a ladder can be fun, as it points our direction and focuses towards something presently out of reach. This can cause anticipation and excitement, even growing expectancy towards the moment of attainment. That is, as long as the ladder is leaning up against something!

Sometimes our climb begins with a sense of adventure, but takes on a changed rhythm halfway up; other times, we bail altogether, because our focus simply changes, and we lose our footing.

Whatever our experience of heading towards the attainment of what is presently out of reach, we must ensure that the ladder is securely positioned before we begin the climb.

I recently spoke on the topic 'Living Unplugged' which can be interpreted as being not prepared, living without a safety net and simply accepting life as it shows up. Assuming that there are not that many who feel at home living in such a way, I would propose that we regard the power within being perfectly poised over the necessity of being perfectly planned. Our poise, that which the ladder into our own consciousness evolution, is secured; the ladder itself, is the path or plan we have chosen to follow, as a means to that end. We must be poised in our beingness before we can be planned in our doingness.

Remember the Game: Snakes and Ladders? It could be used as a relevant analogy. When you come to a square with a ladder, you can ascend, when you come to a square with the head of a snake you must descend. The descent down in, is what is needed to contemplate through stillness, silence and ever-deepening questions, so that we may build our intention to climb on a foundation of clarity in both our personal and spiritual truth. Snakes are a well-known symbol of healing and rebirth which leads to inner harmony and poise, while ladders are a symbol of vision and the plan needed to execute. So often we find ourselves bowing to the pressures and unrealistic expectation of others and of ourselves and find ourselves unable to commit to the climb. We are left with a feeling then, of the good life just being out of reach. When we take the time to connect and move within our deeper truth, we reconnect with what is truly valuable and meaningful to us. This naturally provides a congruency upon which to lean our ladder for a secure climb. Awareness and commitment to honor what we value and need keeps us perfectly poised and will always equal a steady and rewarding climb. Join our special guest speaker, Rev. Doug Craig, as he moves these ideas into how to ‘Live Your Heart’s Desire,’ followed by his in-depth Workshop: ‘Moving Forward.’

By Rev. Nadene Rogers


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