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Nature vs Norm

Our nature is magnificence! Gifted to us, it remains both the foundational fibre of our reason to be, and our way back home.

I sat down to get to know a new client in my favorite Penticton Café, and within 10 mins our conversation quickly diverted to his two daughters, a 21 yr old, straight A student and his 17 yr old, the curious, free speaking, adventurer. He shared that his eldest was going to school full time and studying towards a chosen career, along with holding down both a full and part time job. I suspected what was coming next.

He has trouble reeling in his youngest, from which his hobby has become putting out fires, some small and some, well, requiring constant monitoring.

I asked him if she might feel ill-equipped to live into her own skin, in a way that brings her a feeling of self-acceptance and genuine confidence, perhaps due to comparing herself with her sister, perhaps measuring up to a society that seems to have it all worked out, for everyone.

I remember those days, and I imagine that if you are reading this blog, you too, have your challenges just standing in your truth, however that shows up day to day. Sometimes it feels like life is pushing in on us, and sometimes like life is pushing through us for our own good. What is a creative thinker to do?!

This month we entered into the discussion around the Creative Process in the Individual, to more or less discover our innate nature with the primary qualities of wholeness and personal volition. One of the key principles in metaphysics is that of the Law of Cause and Effect. Here there is an impersonal universal creative process happening, correspondingly, to the personal imprint of our core belief patterns. We all exist in, as, and through Infinite Intelligence collectively bound by our common spiritual DNA, and, both plagued or freed through the act of personal volition.

Exercising our personal volition, has us pushing up against the law of averages, or the normal societal standard regarding the expression of self-hood. This can seem like an uphill battle if we approach life through a dualistic perspective, or it can seem like the universal creative process working through us, in recognition of a stellar silent partner!

The frustration, resistance, loneliness and disparaging behaviours and choices of my client’s youngest, is the natural result of her core belief that who she was born as is less than, and that to be loved, respected and accepted, she needs to fit in. Another way to say this, is that she is either not apprised of the immense creative power and intelligence factor that comes with being human, or she will not accept this as her truth.

How will we reconcile for ourselves, that there is only one universal creative process happening at all times, working as us, to move unseen energy into observable form?

Whatever we do, may we live in the light in our own shadow, grateful for the unique individualization of the One, each of us are. Without it, free will volition to choose for nature vs norm, could not exist.

Join Rev. Karin Wilson this Sunday as she speaks about “What is Your Personal Factor?” and be inspired towards living authentically.

By Rev. Nadene Rogers


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