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The other day, in the Dollar Store, I witnessed a young boy acting out. His mother, bless her heart, was at her wits end trying to keep tabs on her other three toddlers. Loudly persistent, the boy could not keep his hands off the toys and candy, as he insisted that she buy what he wanted. I interpreted that he wanted to peel her attention away from the young crew and get some for himself. This carried on for 5 long minutes and gave me pause for thought.

I took this opportunity to move the energy of the One Mind, through silent spiritual mind treatment, into form. By knowing the greater Truth existing in the situation, I initiated the universal creative process to produce the demonstration of peace and connection, instead of placing judgement on either the boy or his mother.

As I did this in another part of the store, without much to-do on the part of the mother, the boy calmed down and regrouped to walk alongside the rest of his siblings.

Mind, infinitely intelligent and creative, is shaped and directed by the power of our faith in the unchangeable nature of being, inherent in all that exists. At all times, this same energy of universal peace and unity, exists in all creations of the One Mind. Therefore, Mind or consciousness is fully present in and as Matter, and in all Matter or diverse forms expressing, so, too, is the malleable field of consciousness waiting our recognition.

When we think thoughts of duality, we see opposites, or opposition. When we think thoughts of Oneness, we see that everything exists to complement the deepening of Oneness within ourselves.

So, as we explore this idea of Bridging Life’s Seeming Paradox, remember the capacity you have to use your mind. When circumstances pull you to the darker side of thought use your mind in the right way - aligning and embodying the feeling of the Truth present right where you are. Your bridges will build themselves and you will witness the power and presence of the One Mind, of God, of Life, and the sacred connection existing right within, what appears to be opposing forces.


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