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Just Face It!

The universal creative process is the action through which the law of cause and effect operates, in which unseen energy moves into visible form. This creative process operates the same within us, to produce specific results in accordance to our direction.

As we are exploring the creative process in the individual this month, increasing our capacity to hold space for ourselves in sensitive situations can be a big bonus!

Everywhere we turn, we are invited to move towards or pull back from relating.

The joy of relating can be measured, in part, by our conscious clarity of intention, approach to our words, and capacity to receive and honor another’s perspective.

In retrospect, what we sometimes find, however, is that we have thrown a good helping of unconscious motivation into the mix. The results of which will often affirm our judgments and have us doing the fight or flight dance. Either way, no one wins, no matter what we tell ourselves so as to try and feel better!

I am presently experiencing a pulling back with someone I have known for a very long time. Suffice to say, that my judgement has pulled me back, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t damper the spirit of my heart. I am aware that my primary responsibility is to be at one with myself, and from that, the creative process will be measured in time and space correspondingly, with the successful integration of mind with heart, soul and body. It is from here I can move towards relating in an honoring way.

I offer to you a bite size practice to support you in moving towards honoring connection:

1. Still my mind

2. Breathe into my body

3. Delight in the feelings that rise from my soul’s vision for my life

4. Open my heart


I will permit myself to borrow the life altering power found within Nike’s motto: “Just do it,” and state: “Just face It!” Taking accountability for one’s motivation, decision and action, is the foundation upon which honoring relationships are seeded and harvested.

I am using the definition of ‘it’ both in the relative (material realm) and absolute (spiritual realm) sense. Relatively speaking ‘it’ is the unconscious motivation born of self judgement that creates our projections onto others. Once we are willing to face it, we can shift focus onto the absolute definition, which is, the principle of life itself.

Just turn to face the principle of life itself with its infinite creative power and it’s impersonal, sequential process of unfoldment, and choose to relate from the energy of that knowing.

When a heart is open, it is holding the space for self honesty and accountability.

Here we are poised to relinquish defensive, justifying, blaming or shaming behaviours, resulting in the revealing and healing of one’s insidious self judgement, which miraculously transforms into the objectivity required, to see how we have projected our self judgments. Now we can freely opt to re position ourselves in the relationship, creating harmony within and without.

A sense of oneness when two or more are gathered can be created, but if the wisdom of the heart and personal accountability is missing, it becomes easy to upset the apple cart.

“Just face It,” is the missing 5th step and the last step in my process.

Once this practice is completed on my end, the universal creative process will work to bring into my experience the highest and best for me, and all concerned.

Join me this Sunday as we open ourselves up to trust the universal creative process working through us, to taste a life unplugged!

By Rev. Nadene Rogers


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