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Free Is...As Free Does

We can choose freedom once we understand that we are already free.

To understand this, we begin by consciously and intentionally, with all our heart, to free those people that we feel we’ve been wronged by, in order to experience the freedom that always lives within us.

Another way to say this would be: we are freeing our own true nature from the bonds of our limiting perspective of who we think we are.

The natural laws of the universe do not change, nor do they lie, rather they are eternal truths. For example: whatever you give, so shall you receive; as within, so without. In this knowing, we can give ourselves permission to choose a different way to feel and think about a situation that we have allowed to increase the pain in our life. This shift could be accomplished by blessing ourselves and embracing ourselves where we are in freedom’s quest, rather than resisting the healing balm of self-acceptance. When we practice moving from blaming to blessing ourselves, the emphasis on ‘they’ shall immediately disappear.

Nobody ever does anything to us and no one ever takes our power away. Nobody ever possesses an intention to hurt somebody which is greater than, their own need to express and, therefore, release themselves of their own pain, albeit only temporarily.

It's all consciousness and all begins in consciousness. Therefore we are free by means of how we direct our consciousness. It has nothing to do with the other because there is no other.

Things don't just happen to us, they happen through us, by means of us. We participate in creating our reality. To deny that means that we also deny the universal, infinite creative power sourced within us. We can use it to create a different experience. If we didn't participate in the problem, then we're not able to participate in the solution.

A sense of true freedom and well-being comes from consciously intended inner transformation, but often cannot be readily observed, without the capacity to ride the tide of becoming free. Trust in oneself and faith in the universal spiritual principles that create life itself, are important companions to pick up along the way. In order to serve our own unique expression and, therefore, experience of freedom, we need to live in the abiding willingness to release any and all attachments to outcomes, as well, the resistance to how life is showing up in, and around us.

Walking in authenticity, with humility and gratitude for the sacredness of all life, will give us the courage to stand for inclusion, justice, and equality at all times. We can’t know freedom without being accountable and responsible for the way in which our footprints leave imprints.

Let us remember that within any change, which is being created by Life and therefore experienced by Life, a natural divine order of conscious evolution is happening. We can count on that.

There are many different ways to approach a salsa dance, a ballad to sing, a blank canvas to paint.

Just as there are many different ways and processes, methods and practices to learn, to release what binds us so we may sing our soul’s freedom song. We each have our own unique way of going about it. But going about it we must, if we want to feel alive and in flow with Life.

Join me on Sunday, as we delve even deeper into the Art of Letting Go and its place in our quest for freedom.


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