No one prays to God for the sun to rise in the morning or to set at night. No one prays to God to arrange the tides or to change the laws of automotive engineering or airplane dynamics. We seem willing to let God run the universe, in its natural order, until our own selves become involved. At which point, many of us revert to the idea that God is judgmental and withholding and there is another way we need to be, to get more in this universe than is laid at someone else’s feet.

Infinite Intelligence has provided more food in the earth and in the sea than all the people on the face of this planet can consume. To experience the grace of this Omnipotent, Omniscient Creative Source, or the fullness of, we must align ourselves with It and receive It as It is now flowing in our lives – as It always has and always will.

How many of us have said at one time or another – not one person can give you everything, not a parent a sibling, a friend nor a partner.

If we understood the nature of this One Mind, which is the inherent creative principle within each person, we would never pray or ask for a ‘thing’ for It has only the gift of Itself to give. As it is Infinite, that gift will never be fully known; as an individual expression of God, the gift which our partners, or friends have to give us, will be equal only to their perception of who they are in relation to the God of their understanding.

Unless we understand that God is All, and see our loved ones as such, then we will think and act like we are owed something: that there is something more to get. That life is here to fill in the blanks, rather than say ‘yes’ to our ‘impress’ of belief. We are enough because we exist, and this alone will be the solitary key to the release of our judgement and revelation of our joy.

Infinite Creative Intelligence lives through us and, if we choose to resist the natural flow of this Intelligent Source within us, then the flow will be thwarted - yet never stopped. When we cast judgement, we might as well be turning life away and saying, “That is not good enough. That does not feel like I want it to feel. That won’t do.” We place ourselves on high as judge and jury and, in fact, intensify the resistance through our own bias. There is nothing to get, to fix, or to heal, only wholeness to reveal. As within, so be it. God has only the gift of Itself to give and, in that gift, all needs are met.

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