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Self-Trust is a Must!

The month of August usually brings the opportunity for us to have a fun-filled, adventurous time. Therefore, the concept of ‘Going with the Flow,’ this month’s theme, seems to fit these lazy, crazy days of summer.

No matter what the month’s opportunities, we will shy away from the joy of flowing with life, if we do not trust the flow of wisdom within both our intuitive and logical sense. When both are regarded and consulted, it is difficult to not stand in our truth, and standing in our truth is the evidence of self-trust.

In the face of others trying to sway our beliefs and opinions, we must draw our line in the sand, until such time as we become clear and resolved in what we value, and how to best live congruently with these values. As thought & desire is the causal seed of our experience, our thought seeds need to be in alignment with our values to gain self-trust.

There is no sense in abandoning the seed we have planted by replacing it with another seed, until we have stood in awe of its fruitful completion. The Law of Growth operates the same on a flower seed planted in the earth, as it does on a thought seed, planted in Mind. Both can be easily uprooted before their time, due to a lack of trust in oneself, and a lack of faith in an orderly and infinitely intelligent natural universe which knows how to create out of Itself, in wholeness and perfection.

Individuals who barely know us, or those who care for us deeply: organizations of good cause and industries and systems purporting they know a better life can and will pass judgment on our way of being and doing to further their own agenda. We don’t have to forfeit standing in our truth no matter how convincing a suggestion or argument, for that would create a co-dependent relationship with life, and there is NO FLOW in that!

When we stop trusting ourselves, when we repress our instincts, when we tell ourselves there must be something wrong with us for feeling what we feel or believing what we believe, we deal a deadly blow to our well-being. We cut ourselves off from our center, our source and can begin to feel crazy, shameful, confused and fearful. We can’t get our bearings when we allow the rug to be pulled out from under us.

Self-trust can lead to making good decisions for ourselves more often. It seems that feeling good about ourselves through our accomplishments goes hand in hand with allowing ourselves to relax. For some, this relaxing into the flow of life, needs a lot more practice to be good at it!

Here is a tip you might find useful:

Often, once we get started with our day, we may not listen as closely to ourselves and life as we do in those still moment when we first awaken. An ideal time to listen to ourselves, to uncover our true values and needs and a good direction for our day, is when we are laying quietly - our defenses are down, and we’re open and most vulnerable. We can build self-trust by listening to our inner voice and bring it with us throughout our day.

Remember that everything we thought we lacked is always and ever present right where we are. This source of infinite creative intelligence is always right where we are, in the only moment where creation occurs, whether we are trusting ourselves, or not!

Join me this Sunday as we explore how to welcome in our good and build our self-trust, through the power of words and stay after to attend the workshop on ‘Sacred Selfishness’ - a foundational piece in the art of building of self-trust.


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