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Spiritual Practice and Breathing

I realized today as I was preparing to speak about how Science of Mind works in my life, that being a practitioner is just my way of being in the world. The truth is that we are all practitioners. You may not have studied as many courses or have the letters behind your name and that doesn’t really matter. It is about how you choose to be and know - that the knowledge is in each one of us, as we are all one. It’s about how you decide to do your spiritual practice through spiritual mind treatment, meditation, journaling, or even walking.

Each of us is looking for more joy, happiness, love, and abundance in our lives and we can have this for ourselves by practicing prayer. Prayer is always available and is within you at all times.

Take a moment to breathe this truth of who you are. A beautiful spirit having this human experience. You deserve all the good that there is in this life.

This leads me to the flow of life: breath. Remembering to breathe. Recently, I attended a Shamanic Breath workshop; it was a beautiful circle of people. It amazed me how many were young people who said that they had a hard time breathing. In our society now, depression and anxiety are rampant. It seemed the more anxious and stressed they were the more they held their breath.

After an hour and forty-five minutes of breathing together, there were such huge shifts in the room. For me, I did my spiritual mind treatment before entering the circle to set my intention of shifting some grief out of my body. I can’t express the release that happened by just breathing. I loved that I didn’t need to go ‘see’ anyone, or do another thing, other than just be me and breathe. It was the flow of life: the inbreath and the outbreath.

Remember, when life seems to be a struggle and you are out of the flow, you can easily get back to it by breathing and spiritual mind treatment.

Our practitioners are always here to help you with this.

Tamara Rossander



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