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Is Patience a Virtue?

Harvesting our Good in life has more to do with planting seeds mindfully than it has to do with reaping the benefits of those seeds. The reason being is that we have more control over the planting than we do over the reaping, through the power in mindfulness. Without clarity of intention, a dollop of faith, and the awareness of our role in co-creation of the Life experience that we say we desire, it doesn’t matter how, when, and in what form the fruits of our labour manifest. The laying out of the concept or idea, the planting of the seed asks us to demonstrate patience with ourselves, a partner to another virtue, self-trust. While some seeds must be planted deeply into the earth (our subconscious mind) and others planted just underneath the surface of the earth (our conscious mind) patience is needed to learn the distinction between the needs of the seeds. In other words, which seed (thought) will take more, or less, time to reveal its full potential. There are different gestation periods in different kinds of plants which is natural to their unique composition. Similarly, some of our ideas are going to require us to have more patience, as they will require more time to be realized, in accordance with the degree of neutralization of limited subconscious thought needed, to create a receptive mental atmosphere.

Thirty-some years ago, I bought my first home and was so excited to plant my first garden. There was a huge lilac tree that covered most of my backyard and all my flowerbeds and so the nice folks in the Garden Centre advised me to create a shade garden. What the heck was that? And how could anything grow in the shade, I thought, with my novice and impatient mind. Little did I know that one day after many years of spiritual study, I would see that all beauty begins in the darkness of mystery before it reveals itself as light in the eyes of the beholder. The story ends, after spending over $400 for shade-adaptable plants, by digging up both flowerbeds because I did not see the results in the timeframe of my expectancy. I was chided by my green-thumbed friends, who assured me that had I waited a little longer, my senses would have been fed, and my faith affirmed. I think of the story to this day when I find myself feeling impatient. We are in charge of giving the seed an environment in which it can grow to the full potential of its nature and can do so by trusting that inherently within the seed, is everything it needs to reach its potential. In this sense, trust means having the patience to not interrupt the natural creative process of Life which knows how to create out of Itself.

We have not been afforded or equipped with the ‘how’ or ‘when’ of each revelation, but we have been afforded and equipped with the capacity of free will and self-choice. At some point, we must step back and let the Infinite Creative Intelligence do what it knows how to do, play its part in bringing about experiences relevant to our life. Indeed, this takes patience with ourselves, as we make ready the environment in our own mind, that will not resist our good nor restrict the flow of that good.

All will be revealed in divine timing, in exact accordance with our mindful intentions, our faith, and the loving patience we demonstrate as we practice our role as co-creator, waiting with faith and awe for the highest and best outcome to be revealed.

By Rev. Nadene Rogers

Join us this Sunday, as Rev. Liz Mirante speaks on: “Ploughing Under” as a part of the process in Harvesting Our Good.


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