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Creating Through Change

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I'm getting ready to teach my 6-week course titled Creating Through Change. This course was born out of necessity and my hope is that it will help you navigate all of the changes our world is enduring right now. You see, I put together this process when I was going through a health crisis and everything was shifting in my life. I needed to find footing on new ground. These are the steps I took to navigate a scary experience and come out even stronger on the other side.

Then I discovered that the steps I took not only helped me navigate a challenging time, but they also helped me create something new and reinvent myself. Now I’ve put them together in one course so that you too can heal, grow, and thrive no matter what comes your way. I'd love for you to join us so I'm sharing with you the introduction to the course that I wrote for the beautifully designed and updated workbook. Check it out and I hope to see you in class!

Dear Beloved One,

Thank you for being here and investing in yourself. Creating Through Change is a six-step transformative process. We will cover one step per week over six weeks. Each step leads to the next as well as stands on its own as a resource you can call upon as needed.

Each module includes reading, activities, and a live 90-minute session on Zoom with me. In addition, there is a daily practice you can do that will help you integrate new skills into your everyday life. Truly what you do with this information is the most important aspect of our time together and the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. I recommend that you schedule time each day for practice and each week for reading as well as our time together. Consider the time you spend reading, practicing, and connecting your me-time. When you prioritize your me-time you are showing yourself that you’re important, which is a critical part of boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

Embrace Your Humanity

The quickest way to know your power and feel better is to embrace your humanity. There are so many messages to reject yourself, but when you give yourself a little grace it creates an opening for the part of you that knows to come forward, enfold you, and love you through it.

Have you ever been upset about something and did your best to hold it at bay? You simply went on with life pushing it away. But, it kept building up so finally you told someone about it. You cried and let it out. You said the things you didn’t want to say. And even though the circumstances didn’t change, after talking and crying about it, you felt better, lighter, and more equipped to deal with it. That is the power of embracing your humanity. During our time together I will consistently ask you to embrace your humanity as the most powerful way forward.

Know Your Divinity

In equal measure, I will also ask you to practice knowing your divinity. At the center of your being is the magic of the Universe, the stuff that stars are made of. This is your Divine Self. I call it your soul. This is the part of you that is eternal and can never be harmed, damaged, or lost. There’s a lot - both good, bad, and in between - that can happen in our human experience, but no matter what has happened in your life, your soul remains whole and in tact. There is a universal power that flows to you through your soul. We can consciously tap into it and when we do, it both heals and directs us to the next right thing.

Have you ever almost been in an accident? The kind where your heart races and you immediately feel so grateful for your safety. If you’d been seconds earlier or later, you might have been hurt. Or have you ever had a synchronicity that put you in the exact right place at the exact right time for something really cool to happen? These are examples of your divinity at work in your life. We will consciously call on this power thereby activating it in our lives.

Let Your Soul Unfold

When you embrace your humanity and know your divinity, then there is a natural unfolding of your soul. You have seeds of purpose planted within your soul. They are specific to your life purpose and your unique gifts, talents, and skills. Seeds have blueprints inside of them that know how to come to fruition. It is your part to create a nurturing environment that is conducive to their growth and development. And so we will water, weed, and fertilize this inner garden of the soul.

Have you ever been super clear about a decision in your life, but an important person or people in your life wanted you to do something different, safer, or more logical? Strangely enough it can be the most important people in our lives who trample on the garden of the soul. Of course, they do it out of love! When you listen and follow that still, small voice of knowing inside, you are letting your soul unfold. Yes, it can be scary, but also super exciting. This is why we are doing it together.

I’m thrilled to get started and very grateful you’re here.

Big Love,


About Rev. Cassandra Rae

Reverend Cassandra Rae is an unexpected minister! She was raised evangelical Baptist and spent her twenties as an angry atheist. Then she had a medical crisis, which launched her onto a spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery. Now she's an advocate for an empowered spirituality that embraces your humanity as the path of knowing your divinity.

About the Centre for Spiritual Living White Rock

We envision a world that naturally expresses Love. We’re on a mission to awaken humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence. We offer tools for transformation, authentic self-expression, and conscious living. We believe that spiritual community is key in living a life of purpose and meaning. We gather to inspire, support, and invite heartfelt connection that empowers the soul.


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